Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's On! (with extra Derek Hynd for good measure)

Again Richard Kenvin throws open the loft doors and we launch ourselves into the nether world of surf culture. This time you have Patrick Trefz screening 'Idiosyncrasies' with bonus joy from RT and Derek Dunfee, there will be boards, no doubt Carl Ekstrom will put in an appearance and I'll be there with a stock of fine product, copies of "___" and The Kook among it all. Sacred Craft happens during the day over at the convention center so it's well worth a visit to lovely downtown San Diego. Come on by and say hello. As a bonus, here's a clip of Derek Hynd blowing minds in Morocco (that turn in the lip at about 2'15"!)

You should have seen this already because I swiped it from Kurungabaa which undoubtedly you check regularly as it's about as good as a surf related blog can get.


peterbowes said...

onya Kirk, thanks for the kickback


Kirk said...

pleasure is all mine Pete, you boys have been absolutely impeccable of late. Stoked you look at this too!