Saturday, April 30, 2011

summer will follow...

It's undeniably spring here in SoCal, the weather has turned lovely, the sun is out, the onshores blow and the swell is barely there. Still, we do have the solace of avocados ripening, like this beauty from my mate Greg's Mum's backyard tree. The Mackie board in the previous post weighs in at 5lb 12oz without fins and somehow I find it very satisfying that I have an avocado that's a 5th of the weight of a 6' surfboard. I also have t-shirts for the impending summer, although stocks are dwindling. Here's a selection of favourites still available in a sampling of the colours available. $25 each, shipping included. The Casper shirts are womens' sizes only and only in that blue, and there's womens' sizes in most of these other designs too. info @ if you're interested.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Brand New Mackie HP Fish For Sale

This whole "Hey. let's make Mick's boards available in the US' deal is becoming a bit of a nightmare. Nothing to do with Mick, he's a lovely bloke and a pleasure to work with. Boards are done when he says they will be and his turnaround is pretty quick for a one man hand shaping operation, even when I get the 'backed up a few weeks, the surf's been good' message. He makes it all very easy, the quality is great and his design sense is inspiring and progressive. Which is where the problem lies. I have no idea what's causing it, maybe the change of seasons down there, maybe the construction on the new shopping centre going up in Ulladulla has stirred something into the air, but the last run of boards has been mind-blowing, and now this has turned up and I want to keep it. I kept the last one that came though, so I can't keep this, but I want it. 6' x 20" x 2 5/8" EPS sidecut fish. Soooo insanely nice under the arm. Totally high performance, foam where you need it but gone where you don't, a bit of thickness in the tail but a lot less than on that quad and a very hooky side cut outline. Yeah, it's good. Comes with FCS boxes and a set of black FK-2 hexcore keels. $800, info @ for inquiries. Unless I cave and wax it up. Actually, I think this Mackie deal was all Kidman's idea so it's actually his fault I'm broke and my kid's room is full surfboards. I feel better now.
A sidebar on Mackie too- he hand shapes these boards so unlike someone who's dealing with a close tolerance blank popped out of a machine, he can tweak what you want- more thickness and a quad setup? Not a problem. This board but 5'8" and an inch wider? Can do but it might look a bit odd. If you want a custom board we can do it and it will be amazing.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sage Joske via 'Lost In The Ether'

Sage Joske is a young Australian surfer/shaper and truly a kid who makes me believe the current upwelling of interest in non 'mainstream' shapes is just the beginning. He and his dad Paul were very early proponents of the interest in ancient Hawaiian boards and Sage shapes both classic and futuristic stuff under his Valla Saltwater Constructs label.
The screen images are of Sage in Andrew Kidman's 'Lost In The Ether' film and the montage is Kidman photos ofof Sage riding one his Valla epoxy fish.

And further- as DL kindly points out there's a great Sage interview at Phoresia, which is a site well worth your attention and I've been remiss in not adding it to the links until now.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Limey Widowmaker

Aforementioned britisher who's getting the Mackie sidecut is doing alright as he also apparently just got this. It's an absolutely classic looking widowmaker in the Parmenter/Kidman vein from Adrian at Fluid Juice Surfboards in the UK. Many of you may shrug and pass on to some resin tinted confection, but you should give this board a serious glance. It's really quite a lovely thing, clean, functional and utterly stylish in it's simplicity. It conjures images of Central Cal. in the fall for me, cold green water and a solid reef breaking with no one around. Top marks for the logoless clear action too.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Goods, from Mick Mackie

The surfboard cup runneth over as it were. I just sent a very nice sidecut twin to a luckly gent in the UK, there's an EPS twin coming to replace it, finally a fun little session (on the EPS quad Mick made, still absolutely frothing over that board) and to top it off there's these artfully posed beauties. That stub (6' I think) looks quite tidy, and I'm still very enamored by that quad stinger. All these boards were hand shaped by Mick, and that's how he does it all. He will build you any thing you want custom so if you're interested, email info @ These are very, very fine surfboards. And that's just the Mackie stuff, a visit to Jeff Beck was made and there is some utterly brilliant stuff being cooked up in his little bay of surf delights. More on that when he's got it finished and dialed in, but it's entertaining times all round.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Legends

Lance Mountain


Steve Caballero & Lance


Rodney Mullen & Minor Threat, Kenter Canyon

Given the success of the Dogtown documentary, it only made sense that Bones Brigade one wouldn't be far away. It has the potential of being highly entertaining, and personally I think it's when Peralta was really hitting his stride. He and Craig Stecyk created some serious cultural impact in those days. Courtesy of Glen E. Friedman, here's some shots from the interviews as well as some of Glen's classic back in the day shots. Lance Mountain was and is the man.

Saturday, April 09, 2011


The gent in the white shirt is Mr. Floyd Smith of Gordon & Smith, and because the universe is a random place, he was in Ulladulla NSW visiting a friend and signing some old boards. How's that single fin?

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Jay Boy Book

In one of those moments of exceptional coolness, we've got the hookup to make copies of the 'Jay Boy' book available thanks to Mike Pool King. It's a collection of mostly black and white images from the archives of Kent Sherwood, Jay Adams' stepfather and all around Venice icon. The selection is amazing, Jay and the young Dogtown crew (Alva, Baby Paul, Shogo etc) skating and surfing the LA basin in the pre Dogtown days, the last gasp of hippie innocence and feral youth amongst the fast collapsing Los Angeles backdrop. Jay provides captions and a pretty classic dialog for the images, and it's all in all a lovely book. $20 + $2 shipping, email info @ foamandfunction to order or query.

Sunday, April 03, 2011