Friday, March 24, 2017

Stpnk Surfboards From Griffin Stepanek

5'4" Keel Fish $725

5'10" Quad %675

6'2" Diamond Single $675

Very, very happy about these. Very. Young Griffin Stepanek is from San Diego, and is very well steeped in the surf culture of that town, especially the design elements. He started shaping as a pre teen and was able to be around a lot of the area's masters gleaning knowledge, to say nothing of being  one of the Hydrodynamica test pilots back in the days of the Great Mini Sim Expansion along with his mates Lucas Dirkse and Ryan Burch. All this has paid off and Griffing has settled into being a damn good shaper, as these initial offerings show. The aesthetic is minimal but the boards are very sophisticated. That fish is a joy to hold given how many not so great fish are clogging the racks and lineups of the world. The rails are sharper, the foil sleeker- there's Frye in there, but the kneeboard roots of the shape are definitely in effect. The pintail Quad is definitely performance, and one of those shapes that you hold and can just feel the rightness of. The single- beautiful. Hard to capture with a photo (even had it been taken by someone good at  photos) but it's no retro gesture- beaked nose and a beautifully foiled and thinned tail. Seriously wonderful, and all available. Email for details and you'll definitely be seeing more of these boards- we're already planning the next round.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

5'8" Neal Purchase Jnr. Twin plus Trailer Available

Neal's been just killing it with the boards lately, and a few extras have been sneaking through like this little darling of a Twin Plus. 5'8" x 20" x 2 7/16", these are Neal's version of a performance twin- very fast and responsive, but with plenty of area for paddling power the glide through flatter sections/waves. Nice grey tint as a bonus, and due to those spots you see on the nose a bonus price of $1100 too. If you're interested just email and we'll get you set up. Finishing up another batch of boards to arrive inside the month and the next order is getting set up too so if you want a custom get intouch and we'll make it happen.