Saturday, April 26, 2008

Here comes Trefz!

The world of blogging widens yet further. Patrick Trefz has a really suitably suave looking photo blog. I mercilessly stole the picture above from it) If I'm going to waste time on the damn internet, this is the way to do it

Hopefully his disciplined Germanic temperament will keep him updating it regularly, it's pretty epic so far.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Aloha & Welcome to Swift

Fine art by Sailor Jerry

The mighty Philski is up and 'social networking' with the rest of us. Appearing on your internet is not only a page on Myspace for The Swift Movement but also a blog
Word has it that the San Diego boys have new digital camera technology and will be displaying all that they can from the Dustbin of History that is The Swift Movement.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Photo by Maz, a spot south of here.

Truck is back, books are shipped and I can go surfing tomorrow. Hooray!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fine Art

Andrew Kidman prints on wood 12" x 16"

With my truck in the shop it's been a surf free week for me with Casper Jnr Jnr sitting neglected, but it's not all bad. I spent a week with my kid visiting, got a fun small surf session in on Sunday, handed the truck over and have been catching up on assorted neglected business since. One chore taken care of has been the sorting out of art left by Mr Kidman which was occupying my long-suffering daughter's bedroom. I'm curating a decent collection here, and the artist is more than happy to sell to any interested parties. Pictured here are some of what proved popular items while on tour. These are wood panels with hand-painted backgrounds and Andrew's screenprint art on top. Each is unique and they're a good deal at $300 a piece. As always feel free to email me at consafos at if you have any interest in these or other of Andrew's output. Those with no art budget can get their jones taken care of by ducking over to Warbles where Ryan has posted pictures of a new EPS creation he's been working on. Whether the thing surfs great or not it's a fantastic piece of sculpture, but I'm thinking it'll work fine and give an interesting variation on the ride.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Casper Jnr. Jnr.

More of the new board. Lame as I am I cranked a few crappy photos off , waxed it and away I went. Too excited to actually take a minute or two for better unsullied photos, but I'll do some nicely posed ones soon. Subsequent sessions have been more rewarding with better waves to play on (still far from great) and I can feel it doing what it should. My new daily driver without doubt. Very fun board, paddles much better than you'd think a 5'5" would be capable of, it's really loose and skateboard-esque and absolutely flies. My experience with this design had been on pretty good waves- lined up Rincon and you're in heaven- so I'm stoked that it rides so well in lesser conditions like the Santa Monica beach break. Still managed to go over the handlebars on one though

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Freshly Minted

5' 5" of fun, much thanks to Joe B, Phil and RK and I'm going surfing...

Possibly because of new board excitement, the eye of fate and all that, the waves were crap. Small and gutless on the points with the tide filling, bigger and starting to close out at the beachy. Ah well, such is surfing. I got a couple, Casper Jnr. Jnr. felt as good as that which it was modeled off and I can't wait for a decent go at it. Did run into some friends and had much fun but not much waves. Back at it tomorrow.

Friday, April 04, 2008


Couple of nice neo-zaps, got the pic from a Swaylocks thread and the boards are over at Both are quad with a fin box for that starfin option. No problems there.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Astounding ineptitude

Made and carried out plans to meet RK and Phil at the Shelter opening. I'll spare the full array of nonsense that has led to us being called the 'Keystone Cops of surfing' by someone who's dealt with it all, but needless to say I didn't get my board and I forgot my camera to document the fun. It was fun too, Boroquez installation art and really fine new digs for the Shelter family, K. Putnam dropping knowledge and story out front, Joe Bauguess rolling up from SD with the boys and charming the ladies all night, getting to hang with Ryan Warbles and Jeff Beck from Ninelights, both of whom are onto some wild and entertaining stuff, getting schooled on balsa by the aforementioned Jeff, Mexican beer and general frivolity. The Shelter folks throw a good party and really enjoy this surfboard stuff which is fine by me. Such a moron for leaving the camera behind. It's been a couple weeks of better than usual chaos and ineptitude from me, so here's a look at a suitable mascot for it all.