Monday, October 29, 2012

Jeff Ho

Style all the way. Jason's board in the middle is the reminder that Jeff had said he might be doing a run of boards, but now he's slipped out of sight. The man is very much of the old school mysto shaper deal, but that's why his boards are so damn good.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ninelights Twin

The thing about having a lot of surfboards is you wind up surfing 2 or 3 of them in rotation most of the time, and for me the compsand modern twin made by Jeff Beck is definitely one of those 2 or 3. The construction and materials of the board are amazing, it utterly convinced me of how good vacuum bags and veneer can make a surfboard, and coupled with the fact that Jeff is a really good shaper, you can't go wrong. The guy who bought this certainly didn't- 6'7" balsa & redwood version of a MR twin. Epic. The autumnal swell is showing signs of showing, and the thought of a board like this on a decent wave (there's a jetty left that sometimes works very nicely indeed I'm thinking of mostly) that makes me believe it's owner will have a good winter ahead.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Gerry Wedd

As far as surfer/artists go, Gerry Wedd is a unique one. There's not that many guys riding Lazor Zap's that are internationally renowned potters. There's a really good interview with him by Michelle Lockwood here. Totally worth the read, as are the other Coastalwatch columns.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


John Mellor built this. It's a tidy little hoop finned bellyboard that predates the Bauguess mini Sims by a bit, and looks a lot like some of the modified versions of the mini's that were being touted as a progression on the originals. The Simmons-ness was always out there, just looking for the correct lightening rods so it could earth itself in suitable designs. This board is apparently being ridden as a stand up by some kids at present which is how it should be. A RANDOM UPDATE
Are you in or around New York? Go to this, it'll be great. Two fine surfers who are also brilliant raconteurs and do enough interesting stuff to keep an evening's conversation on the entertaining side. And how's this for the hoop fin concept in a different context?
Taken from the always good Hye Tyde blog. That's it, as you were please.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Delivery #1

Couldn't feel better. That epic Mackie is out of my house and no longer a temptation. The run north was smooth as silk; easy drive through wonderful late summer scenery- all tan hills and chaparral-y scents and just waiting for rain, a good fish dinner with surfer/shaper I have serious respect for, and the next AM there were waves to be had. Nothing spectacular, chest high and peaky fun which after 3 months of LA summer mush was like being given the keys to the funpark. I surfed until my arms gave out, then went back out on the bellyboard, then a last few attempts on some inside pocket waist high delights on the mini Sim, but I was largely done. The capper was mad good carnitas in Oxnard on the way home. Well pleased.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Apologies for the lull in posting, it's been a bit of a week. There was a lot of work and bills to be paid and a diabolically bad surf, but there were highlights too. Tony Alva's DJ set at the Hollywood Amoeba Music store. TA was seriously on; great set and a bit of an impromptu signing afterwards, Jeff Ho came to check it all out too. LA County Fair, full consumerist depravity. An excellent show of LA tattoo art at the Craft & Folk Art Museum , well worth your attention if you are in Los Angeles, and up until January. The Mackie goes north tomorrow, I hope to find a wave or two en route.