Monday, August 30, 2010

On The Road (soon)

A digression here. At several occasions over this past summer, I've had visits from friends who are serious travelers. I've talked about Hokkaido and Chile with Joe, the Hebrides and Morocco with Dan, Spain and Morocco with Arshia- you get the idea, a comfortable evening spent imagining epic trips, hopefully with a surf element. It's been a classic surfer preoccupation since Simmons bounced up the coast in the frame of a car. The ideal road trip/camping vehicle debate is a fine way to while away a few hours, and here's a favourite of mine- the Czech built Tatra. Serious off road capabilities, probably fixable with duct tape and fence wire, and that looks like an easily customized load space. For about town they built a few interesting looking cars too- it'd be nice to roll into the carpark of the local in a T-87. All this is round about way of pointing out there will be a lull of blogging as I'm road tripping north for a week or so. SERIOUS board photos on return though, there's an Ekstrom finished, there's Hydro planing hulls being finished, there's the new Mackie- check back and have a fine week.


If you're in San Diego or environs this weekend, swing by the Hydro loft at 340 16th St on Sat 4th. There's an open studio event going on and RK will as always have something interesting happening there.

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reverb said...

...long time,
that off road thingy looks very bad attitude!

couple of good pict down

good trip