Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Smile Around The Face

Mackies are here. They look fantastic- handfoiled by Mick keels, textured deck. I'm pretty stoked although I have way too many surfboards in my house. 5'8" sidecut will be at Shelter and the 5'7" sidecut is up for grabs. More photos and a flextail ride report soon.


I'm too thrashed to do another post, but here's some fun.
Friday- Thalia St Surfshop are having a demo day. You can go down and put some dents in my 5'5" miniSimmons as it's a demo board for the day. Extra points if you crease it by running over Richard Kenvin. Fun starts at 4, there's a barbeque and some film action. All going well the Mackie flextail will be there to try, but no promises.

Saturday- Shelter party, 'Under The Sun' showing. That one I'm going to make I swear.

Brazil- here's the link for the Santos Surf Art show Jair curates. Pretty epic lineup and who wouldn't want to check an art show in Brazil?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mango Pickle Down River

Another of the stock board gems. This one is a 5'5" Larmo Magic Carpet with the juciest mango tint- my photo really doesn't do this thing justice, it's beautiful. Naturally the keels are hand foiled Geppys (extra nice too, they were claimed by a colleague but No-Nonsense Phil decided this board needed 'em, so bad luck.) and there's a resin leash loop. Not that it matters to you, but personally I really love the Magic Carpets, one of the most functional and fun fish styles out there I'd say. Little bit more pulled in than a trad Lis style and a little more user friendly rail design and foam distribution. Larry is a craftsman who knows what he's doing. $750 and it's yours. Once again September is on us and again it's party time. Swift Festivus, 9/5 at the HQ, 340 16th St SD. Details to follow as the boys figure them out. Lastly, I'm making a quick run back to the homeland mid September so any Kiwis out there who may want a copy of Ether or some such item and would be happy to save the shipping fee, I'd gladly bring it down to Auckland with me. Every little bit helps.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Flat Foot Hustling

A day of driving surfboards around and being thwarted. Off to the airport bright and early I went, the Mackie's are sitting waiting to be collected and I'm stoked. An hour or so later, Customs tell me the boards are being held for inspection, I'll have them next week. I cursed, went to the beach where the waves were atrocious and the day maintained that obnoxious trend. On the bright side however, I have a few stock Swift boards littering up the house, so maybe it'll be your lucky day and my kid will have a bit more space in her room. Here's a personal favourite, a 6'0" Steve Seebold double bump pin quad. Full shred stick action here, and how core is a Seebold board? Finished in mysto SD clear, and I've so far managed not to lose the fins. Epic.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Future legend

More Mackie. These shots were meant to be saved for the website I'm going to try and organize, but this one is just too good. EPS flextail with carbon fiber rails, prototype #1, Mick's personal board. You have no idea how much insane stuff is getting played with down there in the wilds of central NSW.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

30 More Miles To San Diego

Just back from San Diego and all is good. Checked out a 4'8" casper shaped by a 12 year old kid, then met the newly grounded kid at Windansea. The board is a trip, RK has amazing footage of the groms riding it and it's shorter than the 4'11" White Pony Simfish that you here see Ryan Thomas cutting back with panache. Also got word from Mackie, boards are on the plane early next week- 2 sidecuts and a flextail with more to follow. Screen grab is Mick's site with the flextail showing what kind of cuttie you can haul it through. Please note that neither of the waves being surfed are exceptionally fantastic, and figure what kind of speed these boards are generating. Had a quick bodysurf in the whomp and then we ate tacos. The good life.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Gouge Away

A couple more from Mick Waters. He's selling these nice quality prints,. signed by the surfer and Mick, and the price is pretty reasonable. If you're interested let me know and I'll put you in touch with him.

And again, the colours are all out of whack- I'll gladly the original image to anyone who's interested- these are really cool prints.

Friday, August 01, 2008

The Red And The Black

...and some blue too. Old school goes future modern Horan style courtesy of Revolution Surfboards. Swiped these pics off Swaylocks and the boards are apparently in Icons Of Surf, or contact Noel through www.solosurfer.com and he can set you up with a custom. The red/black is a demo board apparently. Nice deal. Also for surf fun, Shelter's blog has some nice shots of RT laying the White Pony into a turn. Trefz scored in Mex, pics soon we hope.