Monday, August 02, 2010

Surf Movie Nights

Soon, I hope. We're trying to set up some low key screenings of "___" for the adventurous amongst you. San Diego? Portland? SF? Bodega Bay? New York? UK? I'll update as we get an idea of what's happening and we're open to any suggestions. Of course, you can actually view in the comfort of your own home. Johnny has just made a new batch of DVD/zine combos- the film in a 25 page photo zine for $30 or impress your discerning friends with the full on 50 page spiral bound photo book and DVD for $50, shipping included as always. if you want one. The colour shot is the filmmaker himself, Mr. Johnny Abegg, launching one. Byron Bay seems to be a hotbed of camera wielding surfers of some quality.


Anonymous said...

Portland? Oregon? No surf here.

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