Friday, May 30, 2014

And Finally, Still Better Thanks To Cronulla

Awesome. We now carry the Neal Purchase Jnr.  Wolfhound fins! Crafted to NPJ's exacting standards in Australia by The Salty Merchant, these are the real deal. No stunts, but plenty of base and nicely thick which in simple terms equals drive. There's the 7.5" in the beer tint and the 8.5" in the bottle tint, both coming in a nice canvas and cord pouch. Very excited to have these, email info @ foamandfunction if you want in on the action. Better yet, this isn't really the final batch of new and good stuff coming. Post Wheels & Waves adventures there will be more- new Parmenters are on the way and there's a potential retail space in the very near future. Thanks for your interest and stay tuned....

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

And better still, thanks to Newquay this time

Asymmetrical spoon by Cornwall's Squire Surf. Amazing! This is coming to Biarritz with us...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Better yet thanks to Huntington Beach

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we will be working with/retailing/order channeling/doing something with Jeff Beck and Ninelights Surfboards. This here is the first batch finished- a 5'2" balsa mini Bob, and a 6' balsa double bump quad with a redwood tail block. The big guy is a used board which looks brand new thanks to the compsand construction- 7'11 semi gun with fins and a bag. These boards are for sale and are totally custom, hand built in Huntington Beach and of quality rarely seen nowadays. You want something specific let us know and we will set you up with Jeff. There's some really interesting projects in the pipeline too- finless, wood tails- very stoked to be a part of this. As always, inquiries to info @

Thursday, May 22, 2014

It gets better, thanks to Uki....

Single - Studies of Movement - featuring Stephanie Gilmore from the Spirit of Akasha sessions by Andrew Kidman from Andrew Kidman on Vimeo.
The postman did his job beautifully and a box of goodness has arrived from Andrew Kidman's rural hideaway. Music and literature, what more could you want. Here's the goods: New Windy Hills album- best they've done without a doubt, slightly psyched out and very much it's own thing that's getting a lot of turntable time here. There's vinyl for $37 and CDs for $30. Soundtrack for 'Searching For Michael Peterson' by Tim Gaze and the Brown Birds From Windy Hill- CD $20. 'Spirit Of Akasha' soundtrack CDs- double disc in a slipcase arrangement, featuring  the likes of The Windy Hills, Atoms For Peace, 'Bonnie' Prince Billy, Dirty Three, Tom & Lee-Ann Curren and more- $37. 'Morning Of The Earth- Reimagined' - Awesome. 1 copy only and it's on vinyl, the original film soundtrack rerecorded by Mick Turner, 'Bonnie' Prince Billy Tom Curren, Goons Of Doom, Pond, Machine Translations, Windy Hills and more. $45. And finally, copies of the 'Single' book. Stephanie Gilmore rides Dave Parmenter's channeled single and advances surfing's aesthetics enormously. Limited to 1000 copies, $55. All the above goods are signed by Andrew and if you order before June 1st, shipping inside the US of A is free. Can't do better than that. We'll ship elsewhere but international postal rates being what they are you foreign friends pay a bit. You can order by simply emailing info @ and away we go. Much of this will be coming up to Europe with me for the Wheels & Waves event too....

Monday, May 19, 2014

It starts getting good, thanks to Ulladulla

That, good people, is a full resin tinted Smooth Glide (a 'light hull' according to Mick Mackie who shaped it) single fin. A 7'10" one will be in the United States as soon as we can arrange the transport. Nice! The wave photos are also from Mick, it's an offshore bommie that rarely breaks but our antipodean cousins have been seeing a glorious run of swell and sights like this seem to be more common. It's windy and big, but Mick thinks makeable. Rather you than me mate......

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Barry Snyder

Every time I see a photo of one of Barry Snyder's boards, I'm stopped by it. They look consistently great, and this one is no exception. Apparently made to enter in the 'Best Of Show' deal at this weekends Boardroom event, it is a seriously fun looking concept. If you're in SoCal, the Boardroom is Saturday & Sunday at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and is absolutely worth whatever effort it takes to get there, especially if there's craft like this on display.

My apologies for lagging a little on blog posts, but I have been working with this Wheels & Waves thing coming up. The very positive side of that is the effort is paying off in places, and there is some seriously good stuff on it's way, and I mean seriously. Boards? Definitely, from three sources now and very soon. Fins? Yes indeed! Books? Music? The ever talented and efficient Andrew Kidman will have that cover by early next week if the international post behaves itself. Please bear with us, it's about to get really good....

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Powder Surfing Video Contest

December Snowskates are good people.  They craft some very clean little boards, they operate in what you could term a niche of a niche market and just do their thing, they experiment wildly, surf off little boards and generally have a fine time. Good people, and our sort of people. Now they're doing this little contest and kicking down prizes- go at it people!