Sunday, August 08, 2010

Joe Curren+miniSim+Rincon+Weekend Fun

Continuing the theme of photographer/filmmakers who surf better than me, here's Joe Curren putting a mini Sim through it's paces at Rincon, extra fine because most photos of this lovely wave I've seen lately tend to show it at waist high. It's nice to see the wave doing it's thing with the right man for the job on it, albeit from a couple of winters back. In a mini Sim and Curren related vein, this weekend (Aug 14 and 15) the Sacred Craft is happening at the San Diego convention center during ASR, and on Saturday night the Swift hoedown will go off with a screening of Patrick Trefz's new opus 'Idiosyncrasies', which of course features Joe's brother along with Cristian Beamish, the Mulcoys, Kidman, Lance Ebert and the ubiquitous R. Kenvin. 340 16th St, SD 92101.

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