Sunday, December 28, 2014

Skateboard Related Video

As the year stumbles to an end, here's a couple of videos featuring skateboarders of all ages and both genders. First is the promo for what seems like being an awesome film (or at least collection of short films) and which features so many of the guys that made skateboarding so exciting, and who are still doing it, and how's good is that beginning- Barbee, Kaupas, Hensley, Duffy, Dressen, Marcovich, Agah? Heroes. Next is a fine clip from Skateistan, an organization I support 100%. They  build skateparks and educational facilities for kids in parts of the world where there is almost zero opportunity for kids, both educationally and recreationally.  They began in Afghanistan and have since spread their programs to Kampuchea and now South Africa. If the kids want to skate, they need to go to school as well, and what's truly awesome about this how it's been a huge success for young girls, so often marginalized even in affluent Western society. There's a certain feeling of joy and positivity in both videos, and that's worth holding onto as we head into 2015. Best of luck everyone....

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jeff Ho

The very elusive Jeff Ho has a selection of boards on display at C. Nichols Project , and they are that good that they deserve the gallery setting. Incredible work, the photos barely do it justice. If you're in the LA area go and see them in person- 12613 1/2 Venice Blvd, Mar Vista 90066. Monday to Saturday, noon til 6. Epic.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Sideburn & Mr. Porky

I often mention the genius that is Sideburn, an utterly superb self produced magazine and web presence that pivots around flat track racing and glory of a good motorcycle. The Sideburn lads are the epitome of independent publishing and culture, not just doing a brilliant magazine around day jobs and family, but also setting up some fantastic events. It doesn't get any better than Dirt Quake, a chance for the common folk to race like the pros, and on whatever that have to ride as there are classes for Inappropriate Road Bikes and Choppers. Genius, as is this short film produced by one of their sponsors, Mr. Porky's Pork Scratchings. This event is very very high on my to-do list....

Saturday, December 06, 2014

And Another Parmenter.....

This one is for sale via a good person. It's damn near cherry and is currently in Mollusk Venice so call them. 6'8", nice Hawaiian color ways tint and you need one of these for winter....

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Parmenter Customs

Two 7'10"s for the Great White North. The camo spray pintail is a Sunset mini gun style deal, straight up speed line action for the beautiful cobblestone points these guys surf. The other is a bit of a mind bender, a Makaha Machine with some of the most elegantly subtle shaping tweaks I've seen in a while. Felt great under the arm, totally intuitive rails and foil, and serious V in the nose? Loved it, surfboards are magic sometimes and the ones Parmenter has been sending through are a class above. There's still the single fins for sale if you want one for christmas, both the channeled V-6 model and a MP disc (although be quick on that one...)

Too many 7'10" boards = a deal for someone else. That 7'10" Makaha Machine? It's been ridden, but only a couple of times and it may well be available to a discerning enthusiast of the longer ride. info @ for more details.....

Friday, November 21, 2014

Glen E. Friedman- My Rules

Minor Threat watch Rodney Mullen at Kenter Canyon

Bad Brains

Chuck D & Flavor Flav of Public Enemy & Buffy from The Fat Boys

Jeff Ho

Although we didn't do it, the new Glen Friedman title is out. 'My Rules' incorporates both the 'Fuck You' books as well as newer and unseen work. It's a monster of a book and an amazing compendium with the bonus feature of new essays from Stecyk, Rollins, Rodney Mullen, Tony Alva, Ice T, Jeff Ho and more. It's in shops, but you can get s signed special edition for $75 either by visiting the Consafos Press website or by simply emailing info @ 

Friday, November 07, 2014


Aside from being potentially the best music related film since that Ginger Baker documentary, this actually has a surf connection- there's a Parmenter board in the works with a resin tint inspired by this very film, and by Mdou Moctar's bike in particular. The surfboard that is the color of blue with some red in it?

Friday, October 31, 2014

Litmus/Glass Love/Last Hope

Still have copies of the Kidman oeuvre for those who foolishly haven't got them, or those who have worn theirs out. Litmus & Glass Love, single disc versions $15 each, Last Hope $25. As good as surf movies get. Email info @ to order or inquire or whatever.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

For Sale

Autumn is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, even here in Southern California. Days are shorter, the light is slowly changing, and I'm eyeing my wetsuit. Best of all there will soon be swell to go with the sunny but crisp mornings, so it's time to think about that step up, and here's a lovely option. From Ninelights and used, but could pass for brand new thanks to the fine compsand construction. Balsa and poplar vacuum bagged over a foam core- super light, springy and strong. 7'11" x 21 1/2" x 2 7/8" (I'm not sure where that thickness is though, feels thinner to me but Mr. Beck says nearly 3 so nearly 3 it is), perfect for the bigger guy or bigger day. Vented, so it can sit in the ride in summer without a care. Tri, and it comes with a set of fins and a boardbag to make it a seriously good deal. Best of all- $800 for all this handcrafted goodness. Email info @ to enquire, comment or just tell us something good.

Friday, October 03, 2014

What's Down There #3- Australian Edition

Australia. A lot of coast and arguably the best array of surf on the  planet courtesy of that. But also a lot  of very odd stuff in the ocean. Like the giant Jellyfish at the top. Or the Dendrogramma below that were fished up out of deep water of Tasmania's coast. They don't fit into the scheme of any existing animal group at all. They are an entirely new branch on the tree of life as it were, and that's pretty amazing. Well done Australia.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Single fins for your single fin

The Neal Purchase Jnr. Wolfhound fins are just perfect for those of you who favour the sort of boards that have been posted over the last few weeks, so in the name of doing things right, we're making them available in the US. The culmination of Purcho's many years of refining and developing what he wants in a single, you can't go wrong. There's still a few left in the beer tinted 7.5" or bottle tinted 8.5", and they run $110. Email info @ if you're interested......

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A few more from Mackie...

Sidecut tri? Yes Please! Then another shot of the epic Smooth Glide that is in California and for sale, and a nice shaping image to give you idea of what's happening with those boards. Well done Ulladulla! Apologies for the lack of attention to this, a temporary thing while having been slammed busy the last few weeks. There's interesting stuff afoot though, a new venture and retail space where hopefully these boards will be available to view and fondle.....

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Mackie en francais

Axel is the proverbial lucky bastard. Not only does he live in Anglet, a truly lovely town in the south of France with a wonderful Gascon/Basque history and a string of great little beachies with Biarittz and the Cote Basque to the south and Hossegor, Lacanau etc. to the north, but he just got this Mackie quad kneelo to ride at them. Factor in all those great boulangeries, the local cheese and Bordeaux just up the road and I am seriously jealous. Have fun Axel....

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Mackie Single Fin Hulls For Sale

At the top: Fresh from the master himself in Ulladulla, a 7'10" x 21 3/4" x 3" Smooth Glide. Massively fun looking, bit of pinch in the rails but foam where it counts. It'll paddle easy and absolutely fly Comes with either Greenough or a Salty Merchants Matte Black flex fin. $1000
Below: 6'3" x 21" x 2 3/4" Stub. Again with some beautifully thought out foam distribution along with seriously knifey rails, an s-deck and a super foiled flex fin made by Mick. Not a beginner/intermediate board at all, but in the right hands this is going to be a bullet. Old exchange rate price too- $775
Email info @

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Single Book

The channel bottom Parmenter single fins featured in the previous post are also the design featured in Andrew Kidman's 'Single' project. Dave Parmenter was documented shaping one of the boards for Steph Gilmore, who then rode it with incredible style and grace, all of which was filmed for the 'Spirit Of Akasha' project.  Frame grabs and photos from the session were then collected into this excellent 84 page book along with essays from Andrew & Dave and an interview with Steph. Limited to 1000 copies, signed & numbered and only available direct, we're fortunate to have a few copies for sale at $55. Email info @ to order or query as always. Thanks for supporting the small press culture.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Aleutian Juice Boards

 Here they are in all their glory, fresh from the talented hands of Dave Parmenter and Waterman's Guild Glassing. Top to bottom; 6'7' MP Disc- $800, 6'6" That 70's board 6 channel- $850. 6'3" That 70's board 6 channel- $850. All are stunning, and we can sort out customs should you want a yellow 6'4" or suchlike. Questions and observations can be emailed to info @ Thanks.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Parmenters Parmenters Parmenters!

Yes indeed! The new batch of Parmenters has rolled off the racks at Waterman's Guild, and those involved have definitely excelled themselves. You can't have the two at the top as they're custom orders, but there's 2 6 channels and an MP disc up for grabs. Individual shots coming, but here's a teaser. Very happy with these guys indeed, and as usual email info at for more details.....

Monday, August 04, 2014

All Night Menu

There's a lot about Los Angeles to struggle with- the diabolically shitty surf for starters- but the feeling of a lack of culture or permanence is what really scrambles me. I understand it's out there, but it seems hard to find and often a shallow riff on something happening elsewhere. It certainly hasn't always been like that, and writer Sam Sweet has the proof. His 'All Night Menu' book (the first of a series of 5) is a beautifully realized concept- 8 stories, each based on a separate address and giving a little of the history tied to that locale. Issue one is available here and covers Velzy's surf shop in Venice, downtown boxers, Latino gangs and female bullfighters amongst other things. Whether you live here or not, you're going to appreciate the city and it's depth a lot more- worth checking out definitely.