Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Running Low

Some product that's getting close to gone. The lovely lightweight hoodies are $35 each, there's a few each of grey, black and brown with the Simmons ones and only a couple left of the OG Swift Movement tattoo lettering ones, grey only. Sizes are L and XL only at this point, although we have a few Simmons ones in ladies sizes. Film wise you have the Byron collection there- Mick Waters' festival acclaimed 'Little Black Wheels' and his debut 'Believe', both $25 and Johnny Abegg's completely mad and brilliant "___", packaged in a fanzine for $30. Shipping is included in all prices and you can order or inquire but simply emailing us at info @ foamandfunction.com. I've posted these before, but wasting time watching videos is one of the great joys of the internet, so here you go again as a reminder- first Cookie and his cigs from "___":

and here's a far more sensible and well mannered promo from Mick:

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Andy's 6'2" Mackie single to be more exact. He's well pleased, said he went to pick it up and wound up having a surf with Mick then back to the house for a skate on the driveway which has a conveniently located concrete 1/4 pipe. That's how a surfboard transaction should work.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Oldie But A Goodie

Yes, I've been slack with posts the last couple of weeks but I swear that will change- there's some fun stuff afoot and sheds all over the world are abuzz with new projects. In the meantime I've actually gotten some stuff done, like pulling this board out of the back of the stack and cleaning it up. It's a 6'8" Wayne Lynch design shaped by Terry Goldsmith and it's probably 15 years old. It was the first new board I bought in the States after a run of loaners and beaters (the board this replaced was a thrashed Jeff Ho single that had been snapped a couple of times before I got it, and a couple of snaps later it just wasn't coming back and it was donated to an art project. I really should have kept that one) and it was an attempt to find something that would work in walled LA waves. Boards have come and gone but I never got rid of this one, and figured it might be fun to drag out for a ride or two in what was just a run of swell, but not until it had some serious wax rehab (I'm glad Lynch doesn't read this, he'd no doubt be horrified at such shabby treatment) and although work and the weather thwarted me, it'll get a go out in the very near future.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yeah, more wood skinned craft. I like the concept and the look, and from my experience with Mr. Beck's boards I think it totally delivers performance wise. As I wait for a window in the weather that will let me in the water, I've been window shopping a few nice rides. The 5 finners look magic; the top one (I love those diamond tails) is from Josh Dowling in sunny Australia and the double bump via Jeff at Nine Lights, who also made the weirdness that he's calling the FossHull.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Mackies In Stock And For Sale

Excuse the ghetto backyard/photo skills, but here is, left to right, what's siting waiting for an owner at present:
6' EPS sidecut HP fish ($800)- Lightweight, super fast and totally responsive, definitely not an old school small wave fish, this is an Aston-Martin DB-9 of surfboards.
6'3" round tail singlefin stub ($850)- Very hully with knifey rails and an s-deck profile, basically a refined point wave rocket.
5'9" diamond tail 2+1 stub ($725)- Don't let the fancy orange tint fool you, this board is the goods. I've talked people out of buying it twice because I want to keep it but as is often pointed out to me, I'm meant to be selling Mick's boards for him, not hoarding them so it's for sale this time- honestly.

All the boards come with fins- hex keels for the sidecut, seriously foiled flexfin for the round tail and a nice Mackie foiled centre plus sidebites with the diamond tail.

There is of course the custom option too, 4-6 week turnaround usually and Mick can build you whatever size, shape or fin setup you want, handshaped and high quality. There's a very exciting custom currently under way for a deserving bloke in Hawaii whose quiver is essentially a museum quality collection of modern performance board design, but you'll see more of that as it comes along. If you'd like to inquire about any of these boards or a custom, or just tell me something interesting, info @ foamandfunction.com is the place to do it.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Hydro Show 2

A few more from the Hydro show. The projection was an edit from RT's 'Temporal Collections...' project, featuring Ryan & Lucas riding the boards it was being projected on. It's an awesome looking film so far. The shirt is new and the Hydrodynamica folk will gladly sell you one here, only $22 plus shipping. They didn't seem to have a whole lot of them so I'd say get on it.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Among The Heathens

Here's a brief respite from the world of upmarket museum sponsored art shows. Young Mackie took the family on vacation to a semi-civilised Pacific isle, and appeased the natives by knocking out a few very fine surfboards. Bit of a busman's holiday but I imagine his family are well used to that and there's now 4 excellent boards in some lucky foreign hands.