Saturday, April 30, 2016

Two Surfboards Made By Andrew Kidman

Seriously- just amazing. Handshaped in Uki by Andrew Kidman, glassed by Jun at Surfer's Country, fins by Larry Gephart, brought from the land of Kangas and convicts by Dubstar John's Kaos Koala Express. My thanks to all that made this possible. The Longfish has sold but the Dreamboard is available. $1300 plus a bottle of something for John. Email info @

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spirit Of Akasha & Morning Of The Earth Soundtracks

A reminder- we have the US exclusive on these utterly fine soundtrack albums, and in a very zeitgeist Record Store Day manner, there's vinyl as well as CD. 'Spirit Of Akasha' featuring The Windy Hills, Grouplove, Atoms For Peace, Pond, The Dirty Three, Matt Corby, Tom Curren, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and many more. Vinyl is double gatefold and CDs come as a regular double or the deluxe double with a grand little book. 'Morning Of The Earth' should need no introduction, it's a classic surf soundtrack and a wonderful collection of Aussie psych/folk from a very fertile and creative era. Double vinyl is the original masterpiece with Tamam Shud, Brian Cadd, G. Wayne Thomas and more. The CD features not only the original soundtrack but the 'Reimagined' version where the original songs are covered by many of the same artists from the 'Akasha' collection, and the deluxe CD features a fantastic mini book with Albie Falzon's photos.  LPs are $35, deluxe Cds $25 and regular CDs $15. Essential stuff, and yours by emailing info @

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Chippa Wilson Rides A NPJ Duo

And he does it really, really well. This clip has been floating around Instagram in chunks and comes from What Youth?, but in case you haven't seen it here's the full deal. In fact if you have seen it, it's worth watching again- that barrel!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Board Of The Week/Month/Year? Parmenter 6'3" 6 Channel

6'3" x 19.75" x 2.65" $850
This board's big sister, a 6'6", has become the go to board around here. I believe it's a surfboard that has evolved into it's most perfect form. It simply cannot be improved upon. It feels amazing- under the arm, as you paddle, as you ride. Smooth, fast and despite it's sleek racy look it works in waves of a lesser quality. Seriously good surfboard. If you want this one or a custom of your own, just email info @

Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Few from the latest batch. New order being assembled as you read this, if you want in email info @ for details.