Wednesday, March 30, 2011


A few more from Mick Mackie who has the antipodean winter set up nicely organized. Here's his Gentemstik snow quiver, the winter singlefins for the surf quiver and a righteous looking quad stinger. It's for sale too, $800 in Australia, $900 in the US for whoever is quickest. info @ for inquiries.

A Note: That quad is 5'7" x 19.5" x 2.5"- someone's going to get a screamer of a board for summer waves in that thing

Friday, March 25, 2011


I really wasn't kidding about having a swag of great board pictures, and not all of them are for the ocean. This is one that came courtesy of our good friend Kevin Brennan at December Snowskates, part of the whole family of lunatics making sliding devices basically. It's a bindingless powderboard, 48" long with a total skateboard feel to it- nose and tail kick and a deck concave. The grip is EVA (same as the Mackie flextails) and it feels very nice under the foot, at least in my front room. The bottom is waxable P-Tex and has a couple of serious channels which you can almost see in the bottom pic. Yeah, I'm a sucker for any sort of cool board and this stuff would make me want to go where there's snow. This board is for sale- $239, and we will definitely be making a few more of Kevin's design's available in the near future. I'm stoked, we are now officially surf/skate/snow!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

panoply of artistic wonder

What a life, in the space of 1 week I will have hung with NorCal genius in the form of Mr. Joe Curren, the central cal genius which is Steiny and on Saturday the mighty RT. This is why we are involved in surfing: the companionship of like minded and more talented folks (it's certainly not the money). Speaking of not the money, I will be there in full flight at the merch table. T-shirts, books etc. Feel free to stop by, check out the fantastic array of Simmons related ephemera and maybe go home with an acquisition or two. Your spending is not going to supporting a casual lifestyle (there's many day jobs involved here) but is put back into what ever project is next. (Not that I'd object to becoming some sort of surf culture oligarch- I'd expect nothing too obscene like multi million dollar yachts or football teams- a nice central coast spread with a wave or two out front would be fine, a shed full of exceptional surf boards and maybe a few russian ballerinas and/or up and coming bollywood actresses to keep things interesting, I'd invite you all over I swear...)

Oh, a footnote. Someone from Iceland looked at this blog. I think that's really cool, and if you're that person and you look again, drop an email- I'd love to know what your deal is.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Harmless Neighbourhood Eccentrics

Santa Cruz. It's a really great town. I like the people, especially Steiny and Trefz. I like the surf, and I liked the surfboard show. Lots of nice people came by and looked at boards, and we had some really good ones. The last two in this post are a pair of 5'2" Twinzers from Larmo, and they are looking for a good home after their appearance in Sacred Craft. Info @ foamandfunction if you're interested in one. More once I'm a bit rested.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Channeled Quad MiniSim and other art

...or why a custom surfboard is your best option. East Coast Stan, a gent of obvious taste and amazing patience wanted a mini Sim, bounced a few ideas around and then left the assemblage to Hank Warner. (Stan already has a solid grounding in Hank's quality rides) This is what happened, and it's good- it even excited Mackie. The boards for Sacred Craft are haphazardly piled in the front room and are annoying the dog, so I'm ready to go. Come on by if you're in the neighbourhood and we'll be at the demo session at Cowell's on Sunday AM (possibly in somewhat shakey form depending on how fired up Trefz is) If you're down here in the LA region, go by Track 16 Gallery at the Bergamot Station on Saturday night. Jeff Ho has a pretty cool little part in the new show there, 'Stoked & Broke' will be screening and it'll be a good time. More Jeff stuff coming up soon too- there's a lot on the boil which is nice in times as troubled as these.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flex Path pt4-Mackie Space Stik

The second generation model. Mick says a bit more foam and it goes like the proverbial rocket, he can barely hang on. In the last day I have collected such a wealth of photos of incredible boards that it's going to be all on here for a while. Stay tuned.....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Some waves, elsewhere

other coast (Thanks Jamie)



Readers rides. There's hope for some of these where I'm at this week too....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Santa Cruz Sacred Craft Next Week

A trip north, a weekend of surfboards in Santa Cruz, a collection of good folks (including Trefz and Joe Curren who will be exhibiting in the Artists Lounge)- why wouldn't we go? If you're in the area come on by, it'll be fun and we will have some high style surfboards. An assortment of Mackies naturally, a surprise or two from the December Snowskates guys, the Ninelights compsand I'm not rushing to give back to Jeff and a few of the latest from Ekstrom and the Swift boys, including some of these very cool Hydroflex boards. Cutting edge tech and mad design- it gets no better.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Flex Path pt3- Winterstik inspired

For reasons known only to himself, Mick Mackie decided to send this board up. It's one of the original Winterstik inspired experiments that have heavily influenced his shaping trajectory (as featured beautifully in Kidman's new film), and it's around 10 years old which makes it even more mad and amazing. A decade ago most people were still getting their heads around traditional fish and Mick was already this far out there? Brilliant. Despite being a little battered and used as a notepad for Mick's observations and instructions, the idea is to get it set up again, this time with a set of Simmons keels out on the pins, and under the feet of some of the kids. Ekstrom has volunteered to refin it (if there's a man who knows about board experiments it's Carl Ekstrom) and hopefully we'll get Ryan Burch on it amongst others. The board will undoubtedly be coming on any surf related mission I make too, so pictures will follow I hope. Thanks for sharing it Mick.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Flex Path pt2- Nat Young and the Winterstik

Nat Young rides the Winterstick
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This odd and wonderful little clip came via Kevin Brennan of the excellent Snowskates blog. Nat Young in the snow, seriously old school bindings and Milovich ripping it up. Brilliant stuff. KB builds these mad dual deck skateboards for the winter stuff and is an OG supporter of the Simmons stuff for summer. He built a fantastic asymmetrical skate deck and is now doing asym snowboards. Check his stuff out, it's well cool.