Monday, October 31, 2011

Tomo & The Mighty Bellyslide

Just in case you've not come across this elsewhere, here's Mark Thomson in high speed action. 11 minutes long, but worth the time- kick back with the morning coffee and get stoked. If you get really stoked, don't forget Tomo's mat deal- $195 shipping included. Email us at info @ and we'll set you up. Some of that footage was shot by Mick Waters, who's 'Little Black Wheels' is getting a nice honor with a screening at the Cucalorus Independent Film Festival in Wilmington, NC. We have signed DVDs of the film available too, and couldn't be happier for Mick. Now if only there was some swell.....

Friday, October 28, 2011

3 Fins & Panel V

Here's one Andrew Kidman made for his kiwi mate Brett, who has a few decent waves in his neighbourhood. Simon Anderson template as a starting point, local footie club colours, Kidman illustration of your break on the deck- can't go much wrong with that.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Few More From Sacred Craft

Business end of a butterknife. You'll be seeing more of this soon I promise.


Daniel Thomson in the Shaping Bay

...and one not from Sacred Craft. My current all purpose quiver.

My computer seems to be back online and working famously. Emails will be replied too, things will be caught up. A few more from the surfboard show- between never having time to wander off and shoot photos and losing most of the meager few I did take when the hard drive died, I'm stoked to have these. Honestly wasn't that impressed by a lot of what I saw, it seemed to be fancy glass jobs more than anything else really. There was some good stuff though (Henry Hester's 80's asym in the Rusty booth was one of the best I thought, but I lost that photo sorry) and there was a nice range of shapes represented, so it definitely seemed to be a something for everyone situation. It's easy to be cynical about the Sacred Craft, but it serves a nice purpose and seems to stoke plenty of people out. I get to hang out with Jon Wegener and Mark Thomson in the same building, so you know I'm having a good time.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Who knew that roughly 4' x 1' of very beautifully bookmatched Zebrano wood ply would be mad surf fun? In a early 20th century style no less? A couple of posts back I raved about the new daily driver quiver, and here's half of it explained. The lovely Mr. John Isaacs Esq. of Cornwall set this up and I'm deeply thankful to him. A couple of emails to Sally of the Original Surfboard Company and much to my surprise a box of board arrived. Built by a UK boatbuilder and a continuation of a fine English tradition, the board is a total screamer in the water. It took a couple of waves to dial in some technique and then it was away- waist high closeouts become madly exciting and a waist high peeler is a total playground. The ladies do love it too, as John's photos above show and from the utter joy on the faces of the faces of the two cute young things who borrowed it for a few waves last weekend, the boards a winner. Many thanks to those responsible, and expect a few more prone posts as this thing gets a West Coast tour.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Important News From The House Of Gonad

When you get an email with a subject line like that post title, you know it's going to be good and indeed it was. Man of the people, Mark Sutherland, has made access to the mighty Gonad Man strips absolutely free! Yes, at his site the complete adventures of the testicular hero, both old and new, are now available for your perusal. Laugh, wonder and be vaguely offended as Gonad Man takes on the sacred cows of surf culture with all sorts of nudity, foul language and giant dolphin turds. You can then shop some fine 'nad merchandise like the above T-shirt design and bring the wonder to your family, friends and workmates. Onya Sutho, you're a beaut.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Winterstik & Belly

Best Day At The Beach in a long while came courtesy of the two above craft. After a bit of frustration on a 'regular' board in waist to belly high waves of no distinction I broke out the Winterstik influenced Mackie, recently finned up with some lovely keels courtesy of the well talented Jeff Beck. No expectations, I doubted the thing would float me let alone ride OK, but wanted to be the first to get it wet. Wrong- it paddled well, got into waves with amazing ease and rode fast and buttery smooth. On the small faces I got, it felt rompingly fun. Stoked, it's my new favourite board after a couple of surfs, and I can't wait to try it in a decent wave. As the tide dropped and my arms gave out, I shifted to the very fine Zebrano Wood Bellyboard that came courtesy of The Original Surfboard Company of the UK. ONe wave in and this thing is such a keeper, somewhere between a mini paipo and a bodysurf, the ride is fast and fun and I got pitted on a barely waist high wave. The board now lives in my truck and will be seeing some serious water time. More belly photos and info soon, it deserves a post of it's own. Definitely one of those days when you realise how fun playing in the water is.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sacred Craft Pt 1 and a dead hard drive

Tomo tail. I covet this board deeply.

Asymmetry 1- Ekstrom. Enough said.

Asymmetry 2- RK's daily driver by Burch

Asymmetry 3- Daniel's board from the shape off. He did win 'Best In Show' quite deservedly, and this thing, based on Polynesian canoe design was utterly incredible.

9'6" Twin Keel gun by Christian Beamish- AMAZING!

Yeah, thanks Macintosh for another fine product. Posts may be sporadic while they fix the machine again and I scrounge time on other folk's computers. Sacred Craft was great, thanks to those who came by and said Hey, extra thanks to the brilliant guys at Foam E-Z who brought a shipping box down for me. Customer service of the very best kind.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Some surfers live for landing that air reverse, some for the many second nose ride, me however, I love that feeling of laying into a turn and this my friends, is one hell of a turn Mark Thomson is laying into. The man himself will be here for Sacred Craft with a suitcase full of mats (he even leaves his shoes behind so he can bring more) and the most infectious and unmitigated stoke ever. If you want a mat and can't make it to Del Mar this coming weekend, send an email and we'll put Tomo in touch with you. Then you can go out and try this sort of stuff.
This is part one of the Sacred Craft finless fun too, more soon.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Little Black Wheels is here!

Well done the Post Office, a parcel of cinematic goodness arrived from Australia quickly and intact. Now in stock, DVD copies of Mick Waters' 'Little Black Wheels'. It's a lovely film, a paen to road trips and sun and family and good surf. Mick put the pregnant missus, the toddler and the dog in a camper and went wandering the Australian coast for some months. Naturally he ran into all sorts of fine surfers- Dain Thomas, Mick Hughes, Danny Wills, Rasta and of course Johnny Abegg amongst many others- and documented it all. There are beards and alternative surfcraft, but the film is the better for them. It's limited to 1000 copies and so is signed and numbered, and comes in a nice digipack for $25, shipping inclued. Mick being the generous and cheerful guy he is has also sent CD copies of the Orange Bird EP so you get a free one with every DVD. There's also a few 'Believe' T-shirts, all in this nice sky blue, which are also $25 shipping included, or $20 if you buy one with the DVD. Awesome. To order or ask questions, just email inf0 @

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Photo by Dean Dampney

Some weeks ago I ran a photo I thought was taken by Mick Mackie, but was in fact from Dean Dampney, a central NSW photographer who let me know the photo was his, and steered me towards his website and his other work. It was one of those fortuitous mistakes as his other photos are, like one I poached, really good. Here's a few more and the site is definitely worth looking at, he has a lovely clean black & white aesthetic going on and some great material to shoot. Once again I am thankful for the wonders the internet shares with us.