Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sacred Craft III- Wegeners



One of the personal high points of the whole board show deal is that aside from letting me slide into their booth with a few books and Mackies, the Hydro crew have partnered up with Jon Wegener and his creations for the last few shows. From the set up where Jon and Rosa (who is both 'petite' and 'elegant') quickly assemble a simple functional booth in the the time it takes us to break the TV and realize we've brought the wrong boards from the van to the teardown where we bail and leave them standing in a pile of our debris, the Wegeners make this show a much better experience. And they have a stash of good snacks that are poorly supervised. Jon makes Alaias obviously, but generally I'm more moved by his finned creations. He had an epic hollow wood fish shape this time, and more of the bluegills which are basically the missing link between an alaia and a surfboard. The folks I know who own one all seem to get as wild eyed and fanatical about them as the worst of the wide eyed alaia fanatics. Jon also had a few nice looking bellyboards, and with this coming up, it's getting me thinking about a few prone slides.

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