Saturday, August 21, 2010

Point Never

Jim Newitt is a friend of ours, and a very talented designer. He worked with Andrew Kidman on Ether amongst other things, and in his spare time produces Point Never. It's a beautiful, minimal little fanzine, 32 pages long and this issue features the art of Ann-Marie James, Ray Potes (of Hamburger Eyes infamy), Noritake, Nolan Hall, Jeremie Gindre and Benbo George. Neat, sweet and petite as the Addams Family put it, or as Jim more elegantly says "Point Never is an independent publication devoted to the diffusion of images and texts relating to surf and skateboarding culture; a portrayal of multiple truths, mythologies, abstractions, antipodes, commonalities and communities" A copy can be yours for $8, shipping included, with a portion of the price going to the National Geographic Society Oceans Project. Direct inquiries to info at I'm aware this gets mentioned a lot, but it's really a wonderful thing that there's still people willing to produce independent and creative projects in the morass that is corporate surf culture. Your support helps and is very much appreciated, even on the basic level that you're looking at this rather than or as well as a slick corpo website.

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