Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mick Mackie- MP Lives On Pt. 3

Mick's recent shaping flurry has resulted in a couple of new flexstiks for himself (which makes sense given I've got his earlier one and he's not getting it back any time soon). They're goers he says, and the MP connection is the shack they were crafted in which Michael also used to bang a few boards out of circa 79-80. Definitely seems to be some shaping mojo hanging around that place.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spirit Of Akasha- MP Lives On Pt. 2

Andrew Kidman has wrapped up his latest project and officially launched it in mad style- a premiere in San Sebastian followed by the full multi media event at the Sydney Opera House? Nice work for a Narrabeen lout. It's all explained here better than I could hope to explain it, and definitely seems like something to see on the big screen. Here's hoping there's a US show in the works, and in the meantime you can get the musical end of it all here- there's the new Windy Hills recording available there too.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Parmenter- Why The Single Fin?

MM: Why the single fin?
DP: The single fin represents the perfect renunciation of programmed, repetitious, and chaotic multi-fin surfing and a return to a form of surfing that is as free and unscripted as real jazz. Essentially a neutral surfboard design, the single fin responds to rider input with far broader and crisper nuances of sensation than a contemporary tri or multi-fin. Though the myth and old wives’ tale claims they are ‘stiff’ handling surfboards, the inverse is true – they are actually much looser than multi-fin surfboards but require real ability and proper technique to generate Thruster-like speed in low-voltage waves. I am thrilled that so many surfers are revisiting the single-fin design now, but I hope that it is for the right reasons. It would be disappointing to see this trend evaporate into a vogue or pose. Today’s ultra-refined and streamlined shortboards have to be surfed with one and only one kinetic ‘style’ or they will not go, and so all too often on that equipment it feels like it is someone else surfing, as if you are just shadowboxing along with the images you are hypnotized into mimicking. On a properly designed single fin the difference is that it feels like YOU are surfing.

Above quote is from a truly excellent interview Mike Machemer did with Dave Parmenter. The full text is on the Pilgrim Surf & Supply site and is absolutely worth a read. That's T. Curren demonstrating some single fin jazz in the photo.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Gerry Wedd- MP lives on pt 1

What you have here is the early stages of an urn/vase deal being made in the traditional blue & white style by master ceramicist Gerry Wedd, who you  should be familiar with if you browse this spot with any regularity.  It's a brilliant riff on the traditional and a great tribute to MP. Gerry's documenting the process here and it's as interesting as any build you can name, from bike to board.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mackie 2014

It's February already and I've not posted any Mackies? Time to fix that- here's a batch of Smooth Glides- single fin light displacement hull action, bit of V in there according to Mick and some nice resin work as the icing on the proverbial cake. There's more to come too.....

Friday, February 07, 2014

Jamie Murray

I've posted pictures of Jamie Murray's boards before, and he has one of the most readable surfer/shaper blogs over at Head High & Glassy, but now he has a proper website for his foam mowing activities here, and it's worth a look. Some very clean, functional surfboards getting made quietly in NorCal for some seriously good waves. Lucky bastards......

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Those Will Do Nicely.......

It's even less likely the channel bottom will stay pristine for the Wheels & Waves event, it now has a couple of options as far as directional stabilizers go. A Greenough 7.5" 4A and a Neal Purchase Jnr. 7.5" Wolfhound, in classy beer coloured tint. The Wolfhound comes from the really excellent Salty Merchants Fin Company of Coolangatta, Australia, and that last image, a 9" Matte Black flexfin is an example of how good it gets. They do single fins only, mostly for bigger boards but given how good that Wolfhound and the flexfins look, I'm hoping there will be more gems for us single fin aficionados in the future.