Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year To Me

5'11"/6'. Ekstrom bamboo fins. Mad thanks to Hank Warner, RK and Carl. Now if the weather and waves would cooperate, I'll have a ride report. Please note the 'lawn' in the Skip Frye post a week or so back as compared to it in this one. It's been raining.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Paul's Single Fin

Working with hand made surfboards and the shapers who hand make them certainly has no financial reward, but that's what day jobs are for. It does however mean you get to know some pretty classic characters. Cases in point: Andrew Kidman, who shaped this stunner for Paul Whibley, gem of a bloke from South Australia. Glassed by Simon Jones I believe and sporting some serious channels (the board that is, not Paul), this is wall hanger quality that will get put into the waves it needs. Impressive, as is Paul's photography which he posts in on Tumblr along with other good stuff. That wave shot comes from there and has been my desktop image for a while. And if you're in L.A. and need something to do Boxing Day night, try this.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Single Fin

Had some fun on my Horan single (Spitfire fin in the box rather than the winged keel although that may go back in) and have been admiring some singles. First two are serious Mackie blades, then two from Kidman- a version of his Splice (a sort of Parmenter/Lynch mix) and Wibz' channeled single, similar to the Parmenter built single Stephanie Gilmore rides in Kidman's new book 'Single'. A couple of Sage Joske classics, and a Horan styled big fella single built by Hank Warner. This one's for sale at Revolution and is a mad good deal for someone. Every one of these boards is a one off, a riff on a previous shape, a progression, a tuned out custom, a little pushing of the edges. This is how design advances- hands on.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Michael Peterson

Some amazing footage, MP just killing it at WinkiPop in 1977. Single fins, they're the business.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Skip Frye

The San Diego sojourn was made in order to collect this, Andrew Kidman's new Frye fish. Absolutely stunning, and with one of the finest glass jobs I've ever seen- the board (in the colours of the Essendon Bombers) is polished to a mirror-like finish. Crazy pinched rails and just feels nice under the arms. In his local waves, Kidman's going to kill it on this thing. None of us may be able to get our hands on a brand new Frye, but in keeping with the half arsed Xmas gift theme I've been working, you can now get a copy of Litmus again should you not have one.
It of course has the fantastic footage of Derek Hynd on his fish at J-Bay, definitely a contributing factor to the revival of the whole twin fin deal, and the rest of the movie is not too shabby either. It really has become a classic now, and deservedly so. $20 including shipping, email info @ to buy or inquire.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Carl Ekstrom

Made a run down to San Diego yesterday in my guise as errand boy to the Australians. Mission was accomplished (more on that next post) as well as getting to eat shellfish with RK and paying a visit to the shrine of style that is the Ekstrom residence. He has a few blanks and is doing a bit of shaping so if you're quick you could be in (I think I am). If not, you can get a classic Ekstrom shirt from Hydrodynamica. $22 plus shipping. They have a few of the Tyler Warren Hydro design too.

Friday, November 30, 2012

And Again Kidman

Nice indeed. The book of this is on sale on his site currently, and only available directly from Andrew. Like his last release, 'Lost In The Ether', 'Single' is limited to 1000 copies and will be amazing. Coastalwatch interview here.

Monday, November 26, 2012


More from our favourite Aussie farm boy. The Parmenter influenced single will, I believe, be headed to a very happy Mexican. Andrew's been shaping boards at quite a clip for someone who considers himself a bit of a dabbler at the task. There's about no chance of getting one from him for Christmas though, so a good alternate option would be a copy of 'Way Of The Bird', his book co-produced with Andy Davis. $25, shipping included. Order at info @ foamandfunction once again. Awesome, I've just realized this is post 500. Thanks for looking and all the support.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Brilliant ceramic Simmons jandal by Gerry Wedd. You can't have it because it's Paul Whibley's now, but you can have this lovely Simmons themed apparel, t-shirt is $25 and there's a few zip front lightweight hoodies at $35. Shipping is free to wherever you are and it makes a bloody marvelous Xmas gift. Email info @ if you want one or have something good to tell us. If you're in LA, check this out next week.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Regular Wildcat

Michelle Lockwood has decided to step into the world of blogs and tumblrs and the like. Her effort is Regular Wildcat and it's undoubtedly going to be good. She has plenty of stylish visual input as well as what looks like being a nice run of interviews to add a bit of heft to it. Well worth the time to click over. Let's face it, if you're going to be sitting looking at the internet, you might as well be looking at something of quality.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Porridge & Single Fins

From Webb Ward in the deep south here's a porridge factory and a lad's first go-out on a singley. Sights to warm one's heart. The next two are a bit more to the west, a pair of gems shot by Paul Whibley. He's a lucky man with setups like this in his sights.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Steph Gilmore via Kidman

Andrew Kidman has been quietly working away with Alby Falzon on the 'Spirit Of Akasha' project, and from what of it he's let be seen, the film is going to be pretty amazing. This latest taste is in the form of another limited edition book, much like 'Lost In The Ether'. This time the subject is the quite brilliant Steph Gilmore. It's an 84 page book with essays by Kidman and Dave Parmenter (who shaped the single fin that Ms. Gilmore rides so well) and 48 pages of images from the film. Limited to 1000 signed copies, it's definitely a keeper. Once again it's only available direct from Andrew, so the place to get it is here. The clip is from Mickey Smith, who is contributing a chunk of the film, and it is a beautiful thing. I am just loving the quality of visuals that are being made at the moment, it's brilliantly realized and creative film-making, and it's about surfing- a near perfect entertainment combination as far as I'm concerned.

Friday, November 02, 2012

What's Down There Pt. 2

This little bloke is a Blue Dragon Sea Slug. Cute though it seems, it's a hermaphrodite, swims upside down and eats Portuguese Man O' Wars. Not unlike some Australians I've known. They live in temperate/tropic waters and turn up on the East Coast sometimes. Hope everyone over there made it through Sandy OK and the cleanup is manageable.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Jeff Ho

Style all the way. Jason's board in the middle is the reminder that Jeff had said he might be doing a run of boards, but now he's slipped out of sight. The man is very much of the old school mysto shaper deal, but that's why his boards are so damn good.