Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Achin' Head

Neal Purchase Jnr. on a Parmenter Widowmaker. Photo Kidman from 'Glass Love'

Well, it was achin' Sunday after the Festivus Saturday. Got a quick go out in Carlsbad but the wind was on it and I wasn't. Visited Univ, a really cool skateshop in Encinitas that should be supported, and then partied. The Swift Movement boards were on display and looking fine and there was a few of the Matuse wetsuits which looked great- they're made out of Limestone basically and there's a website at www.matuse.com that explains it much better. Fine entertainment too, Kidman, Purchase and Scotty Sullivan played a long and ultimately groovy set and were followed by Jalopy who are superb. Acoustic gypsy music- double bass, violin, accordian and guitar. If anything better than last year and they were great then. Unfortunately it wasn't all sensible admiration of quality products going on. Neal P kept putting elixers in my hand and I was quite merry by the time the 3rd band came on. They were very young, dressed atrociously (sequined grandma shirts!) and wound up absolutely rocking the place. They've recently discovered the late 60s/early 70s and have taken it to heart in the best possible way. I will find out their name and I recommend them highly. I don't recommend drinking with Australians but god it was fun. Until I got up to go to work on Sunday.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

festivus II

Yeah, I'm late with this. It's been nuts busy and R. Kenvin just got the flyer to me. Awesome good fun last time.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


And this is a starfin for those who haven't seen one. I ordered one from Cheyne Horan very recently, sent him a check to his address in Hawaii and about 2 weeks later two fins turn up. They were mailed from Australia and were simply taped together, wings at opposite ends, and my address was put on one side and the customs label on the other. No box, no packing material- just fins and tape. They arrived in perfect condition and gave the postie a good laugh. As my Dad would say 'Bloody aussies are all mad.'

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Quiver #3

6'4" Cheyne Horan 'No Nose'

This board has a single starfin and is fantastic, loose but fast and drivey like a regular singlefin. Perfect step up from a fish and it has a feel all it's own. I'm happy to be on the Horan program- he's a cool guy and a truely independent thinker when it comes to surfing.
Both links worth your time following.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Photo Albie Falzon from 'The Morning Of The Earth'

'Kirra was great. There was an early morning crew that would be there at dawn. Dickie Van Straalen, John Charlton and the Deanes. Dawn patrol at Kirra with 4 guys out- God it was crowded! So lucky to have surfed those places before the pack.'

Fitzy's the man. End of story.
Weds was little but blue skies, lack of crowds and the blue fish made it all good.