Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Good Old Days of Antipodean Vehicles

Images swiped from the e-newsletter, always a source of some fascinating stuff. The one with the spray and fantastic halter top wearer is a Holden, the other two Fords. I had the Ute version of the Falcon on bottom left, full on safety orange colour. My Mum hated it, told me it made me look like a hoon, but it was the first reliable car I'd owned and she was happy I was done with motorbikes and old Chevs. I loved it's outre-ness, girls were less impressed by it than I'd hoped (but the ones that were impressed were exciting) and I became everybody's friend when they needed to move. Still, I made some trips around the northern coast without worrying I'd never make it home and you could fit some boards, fishing gear and crude camping supplies in that thing with no worries. Sold it to a really cute blonde when I moved up here, and I'd take it back in an instant.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stecyk and Lance Mountain

Personally I think Nike is pretty much the embodiment of corporate evil but they gave money to Lance Mountain and Craig Stecyk who made this so I'm helping disseminate it. I feel so unclean, which incidentally is how I feel after time at Salton Sea. It's good stuff though.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thread Monthly #6

Point Conception Lighthouse by Patrick Trefz

A bit less than monthly, but that'll happen. After the last few weeks of work, missed surf opportunities and LA traffic looking at this photo feels real good. From Thread of course, signed copies available for $30. Trefz has a new film getting close to done which is good news.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Surf Haberdashery & A Reno Sandwich

New shirts all round- colours as seen although the silver we only have in XL. The new 'Galaxy' clour is an organic tee, the new Hydrodynamica Hiline shirt is by the multi talented Tyler Warren. $25 each, shipping included. email me here: info at

A last loving look at the Sacred Craft- Wegener, Abellira, Kenvin. They look this good AND surf better than you too.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Show (in brief)

Demo lineup

The Wegener Bluegill was the hit of the demo boards, seriously stoked a few unsuspecting surfers out

New Shirts, more of them soon.

Tomo started the weekend with 4 boards and a didgereedoo in his booth, and managed to upgrade to a car seat and another board before long. Doing it fully independent style.

There was new Yard Possum footage so good it could only be shown for the last few hours of the weekend.

I lagged on taking pictures because we were actually pretty full on busy. Thoroughly enjoyable show though, hung with lots of good people including assorted bloggers and internet friends which is always really fun- putting faces to the pixels as it were. Grand show too; Hess, Matt Moore, Stretch, Tomo, stunning Yater boards via Ancell, Stecyk and Ho putting in an appearance, Reno in full effect, everything from handplanes to logs and all the stuff I'm probably forgetting. Had a genuinely fine time.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Best In Show!

Bahne and Bahne Jnr. with the Ekstroms.

Well pleased- Carl Ekstrom was awarded the 'Best In Show' honor at the Ventura Sacred Craft. Pedigree beasts these asymettricals, no doubt about it. Brilliant show, lots of cool people but I'm thrashed and need sleep.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sacred Craft, Ventura, Sat and Sun.

Correct, this picture has nothing to do with anything but that's because I hope to come back from Sacred Craft with such an array of surfboard related photo goodness that you'll be overwhelmed, like the kids who ate all the Easter goodies in one sitting. There will be the usual Wegener/Hydrodynamica combo booth, I'll be there repping a few Mackies, the Ekstroms should be there in person, both boards and designer, there's a stellar new shirt design from Tyler Warren to debut and hopefully some fun opportunites for surfboard fanciers will get of the ground over the next few weeks. Come on by and say hello, handle a few boards and enjoy the sheer extravagance of it all- I've heard there may even be some unannounced movie bonus on Saturday afternoon for those of you with an eye for kneeboarding and the like, so it's a definitely a something for everyone situation. You may even get to see Scott Bass himself.
OK, just one surfboard and one you'll not see in Ventura that's for sure- a Squire fish for the discerning English gent. Found this after the fish post and it's too damn pretty not to use.

Sunday, April 04, 2010


No, not you, but this fine concept by Dan Crockett. It's genius, a surf newspaper with contributions from an impressive array of creative types, many of whom you'll know of, some who will be a pleasant discovery. It's printed beautifully on sustainable paper and is all round quite brilliant. Dan is going to cross the pond for a little surf holiday and he's bringing copies, so I'm providing an outlet for him. $5 per copy, add a dollar for post and it's yours. Just email info at Hopefully some will find their way into interested surf shops too. Meanwhile, those of you in Socal should come on by the Sacred Craft show in Ventura this coming weekend. We'll be there with a slew of books, films, mini Sims, Ekstroms, a Mackie or two and of course the Jon Wegener wooden sliders. The show brings out such a good mix of exhibitors and their best work that there's always something for every surf perspective at these events, so it's a grand way to spend some weekend time, especially if you're in the market for a new craft.