Sunday, June 28, 2009

Modernity Killed Every Night


One of those weeks of unrelentingness, but all in a good cause I suppose. Boards were delivered all over the place which is actually fun. Obviously if they're buying a board through me, it's one I like and therefore the customers tend to be quite entertaining and cool folks, and so they were. It's a bonus getting to be the guy handing a new board to someone too, makes me feel like I've improved someone's day a bit, and I snuck a few sessions in around the handoffs which improved my days a bit, and the dog found a dead seal which made it very happy but didn't improve anyone's day at all. The shapers here and in Australia are on a roll, there's new concepts and ideas being thrown around and I'm certainly excited. Also collected and am sorting a stack of art from Trefz and Curren, I'll no doubt have some up here and I'm sure you can buy it if you're so inclined. Go to Warbles and check RT's great little advance promo for his new project- fully shreddy acrobat action, made me want a decent wave and a thruster.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From the bay...

The shaping bay that is. Joe Bauguess in full legend mode, mowing out the beauties and the boys get a little experimental with the colour work. Photos by Level Horizon Phil with more to follow.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Efficiency and Organisation

No seriously, there was some on this last trip south. I collected some boards which will shortly be making certain people very happy. Joe Bauguess is on fire, the boards are looking really clean, especially the first batch of Simsters which are soon to be glassed. Here's the state of my kid's bedroom at present, she's holding a pretty awesome quiver. There's a 5'9" Mackie Sidecut flextail very similar to the one I've been riding in there, and after the last few days I'm back loving it hard. In the better surf of San Diego county it was feeling really good, sort of like driving on a well cambered road- the flow and drive was apparent, even in the bumpier stuff. Tues was cleaner and bigger than Weds, but there were waves that made the whole jaunt worthwhile both days. The Hydro crew were scoring too, check RK's blog.

The nice new shirt colours were collected- blue for the gents, I've got some Hydro spirals and the Foam & Function with a serious green print, both in Med, Lg and XL. The ladies get the lavender shirts, S, M, or L. There's some Spirals and a few Swift Slayers in black and lavender. All $25 including shipping.

This is the sort of weird score of the month- the always genial and utterly legendary John Elwell designed and had printed these Simmons tribute shirts, front and back print shown. Limited edition, M, L or XL white beefy-t only and $25 also- mad O.G.! To order any of the above just email

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Asym For The Cement

Here's some asymmetrical skateboards from the guys at December Snowskates. I'm aware the rails on a skateboard aren't engaged, but it's a lovely concept and a really nice execution. There's even a cool little video of the painting process here
Yusuke took the photo of Ekstrom's 6 footer in Japan, the flextail is seeing some action and I'm off down south for a couple of days.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Twinnies are hard to turn...

Indeed. Try these on for size- from the top you have RK throwing a little spray, Rastovich putting one of Mackie's flextails on a rail and into a turn that doesn't appear to be sliding out and a guy named Bud who lives in Hawaii and not only built the really sweet looking single bump modern twin he's riding, but knows what to do with it at Rocky Point. This prompted by a session at Mailbu and watching so many people go so straight. All good if that's your bag, but personally I like what you see here. Of course I was riding a 3 fin Simster so I'm not worth a damn either. The flextail gets broken out this week if the swell persists.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

He's back!

go here: and you can get on the list to have Gonadman delivered to your desktop by the wonders of computering.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Last Hope

Well, the good news from down under is Andrew Kidman has announced the release of his latest film project,'Last Hope'. In much the same way Ank took surf films in a whole new direction with the release of 'Litmus' all those years ago, I believe he's done something really cool & interesting again here. Rather than a film with any sort of narrative flow, Last Hope is a collection of 16 short films themed around the sea and each with a song from the Spunk Records catalog as it's background. The filmmakers involved are Albie Falzon, Jon Frank, Monty Webber, Michelle Lockwood, Richard Kenvin, Patrick Trefz and of course Andrew himself. The music is from the likes of Smog, Sufjean Stevens, Brown Birds From Windy Hill, Vetiver, Bonnie Prince Billy, Mogwai, Dirty Three and My Morning Jacket. To quote Andrew from the press release:
"One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a filmmaker is the process of bringing scenes, emotions and stories to life with music. It's kind of a filmmaker's dream to have access to great music and the freedom to make whatever you want without the constraints of trying to make a full length feature or editors wreaking havoc with your work. This is what I was thinking about when Aaron Curnow (Spunk Records) and I first had a conversation about this project. I thought something special could come from letting the filmmakers make what ever they wanted. I hope the project has kept a pure line and these original thoughts transcend in the viewing."
I'm not sure when this will be available in the US, but I'll certainly find out. If you're Australia this July you can go check out the film on tour with The Brown Birds playing a live score at each showing- epically old school!
July 2nd Noosa Bowls, Noosa Heads
July 3rd Old Museum, Brisbane
July 4th Byron Community Centre, Byron
July 10th Neverland Bar, Coolangatta
July 12th Mullumbimby RSL, Mullumbimby
July 16th Waverly Bowling Club, Bondi
July 17th Palm Beach RSL, Palm Beach
July 18th Manly Boat Shed, Manly
July 19th Heritage Hotel, Wollongong (Tickets from venue)
July 20th Brass Monkey, Cronulla (Tickets from venue)
July 21st Royal Exchange, Newcastle

Thursday, June 04, 2009


some Antipodean at Rincon on a weird looking board, image Kenvin Jan 08

the weird gets weirder, image me May 09

and yet weirder, image Daniel Thomson, the Future?