Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Alkali Fin Shirts & Rainbows


One of the recent things we're very proud of has been becoming a distributor for Alkali Fins. Handcrafted and foiled in Byron Bay with an incredible  amount of care and detail, they've more than lived up their promise. Given they do everything by hand in small batches, it's easy for them to get creative and do things like the Kidman/Parmenter widowmaker set that is what connected us in the first place, or the soon to be in stock (hopefully) rainbow panel fins. Incredible work, and they even have cool t-shirts to go with it, of which we have a very limited stock. Reflection on the left, Rainbow on the right. $30 + $5 shipping inside the US, M/L/XL available. Just email foamandfunction@gmail.com to order or tell us something good about fins.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

An Available 6'2" Duo from Neal Purchase Jnr

Every once in a while, there's a stock board in the boxes sent up by Neal and this was indeed one of those times. There is a 6'2" x 21" x 2.5" Duo that needs a home- clear wet sanded and with a double stringer and a set of Neal's custom fins in a nice blue. These boards are a bit magic- fast and smooth like a single fin but with a really wonderful pivoty hold in the turns. Hand shaped with solid glassing from the lads at KMD Surfboards in Australia, these are just a seriously good surfboard. $1175, just email foamandfunction@gmail.com for details.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The 20th Anniversary Litmus Fish

It's sort of stunning to think it's been 20 years since the release of 'Litmus', especially given the weight the film still has. Personally it was a game changer- the film that made me excited about surfing again, the film that lead me down the path of the fish and the single fin and widowmaker and all the permutations that you see on this silly little blog. And the high point within the high point for so many of us was seeing Derek Hynd and his quiver at J-Bay- effortless, playful and utterly precise surfing, a few magical moments. Now, 20 years on the film is slowly getting it's dues and Deek is still surfing at an insane level only now he can't be bothered with fins. Andrew by way of some sort of celebration has has shaped two boards, both fish heavily influenced by his beloved Frye fish, and each hand painted with the classic Hynd high line. They are available, and are definitely an edition of 2. We also have copies of the original film as well as Andrew's books 'Ether' and the 
Way Of The Bird' collaboration with Andy Davis. Get in touch at foamandfunction@gmail.com for details.