Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Neal Purchase, Parmenter widowmaker
Photo Kidman

Time is flying away from me. Festivus was a good time and only a couple of weeks ago. I hung with some cool Japanese guys, got to say hi to Skip Frye and watched two fantastically good bands, then drove home to LA from San Diego at 2 am with a truck load of boards for the Mollusk shop out here. I was tired. Since then it's been a whirl of book shipping, barely mediocre surf, another trip down to SD, mediocre surf and much stress and work in getting the Kidman book through prepress. Here's some details- 240 pages, hardcover, drawn from Andrew's 20 years worth of work, packaged in a screen printed box with an exclusive 10" record, limited to 1050 copies total, signed and numbered, $175. It's gone from a book to a piece of limited art, and it's really, really amazing. I'll keep posting stuff and will update on Andrew's planned tour when we start planning it.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Party Time

Richard Kenvin with a Simmons Twinnie, Morro Bay 2005. Photo Kidman

It's Festivus time again. 340 16th St, San Diego. Friday 7th & Saturday 8th Spetember, 12-9pm. Jalopy will play on Sat and there will be Swift Movement surfboards to gaze longingly at as well shirts and books and wetsuits to buy. It'll be fun. The Kidman book is progressing nicely too. 240 pages of photography, film stills, art and interviews from the last 20 years. It will be limited to 1000 singned and numbered copies and will come in a screen printed box with a resin swirl 10" record of music from Andrew and Neal Purchase Jnr. Yeah, it won't be cheap but look at it as a start on your art collection and it won't be ready until early 2008 so there's plenty of time to save.