Sunday, June 26, 2016

Alkali Fins!

Ellis Ericson twin

Classic Twin

Classic Single

Flex Single

Apologies for the lag in posts, but we've been working! The planned Kidman/Parmenter design widowmaker fin set is so happening the first batch will be done next week, and Alkali Fins of Australia are the ones doing it. As a bonus, we've got set up to bring in a few other designs from their range and should have them all inside a few weeks. Alkali are a very small operation, laying up and foiling fins by hand in Australia, and they do utterly exceptional work. Very very happy to have this chance, and as soon as we have prices/delivery dates sorted out, they'll be posted.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Skip Frye On The Longfish

"Long fish was just kind of a need that I had, if I was going to do the fish. It started really going off after Derek did his thing, and I started getting orders for the Derek Hynd template. So I took the fish blank and I maxed one out for me that was 6'2", but I never rode it. I was afraid I'd look like a fool, riding it, because I didn't know if I could stand up on that short of a board anymore. People were, like "When are you gonna ride it?" I was, like "When it's perfect waves, warm water and no people." Being stuck here in San Diego it doesn't happen. I finally gave it away.
I'd see Rawson, now and then. He whistles through everywhere- he's like a world shaper, he just goes everywhere and shapes, and he's a blank designer too. So he was talking to me about a bigger fish blank, and I didn't think about it again and then, all of a sudden, he designed one and left me one up a Diamond Glassing. So I went up to get it, but it was gone- Steve Lis and Razz the glasser had confiscated it and made something out of it. But I did see the blank, and I went "Wow! Maybe I could make something big enough where I'd be comfortable on it."
So I went right out to Mitch, and I ordered one and shaped one up. It's funny, because the first place I rode it was high tide Old MAn's at San Onofre and, to me, San Onofre was always a longboard spot. I never thought about shortboarding. I remember I'd just gotten off an 11 foot board and I was having trouble finning it, and I put this 7 3/4" fin into this 11 foot board, and that was just it, man, it was like, the best research and development day I've probably had in a couple of years. I had the fish stuck in the car and it was high tide, and PT came along and said 'I'm going shortboarding out here." And I thought about it: "I wonder if I should break this thing out and try it?" I was kind off apprehensive about it. There were a lot of people about. But I took it out and, oh man, it was so good. I was like a little kid, man- the thing was just: rebound, floater. It was the shortboard thing all over again. I hadn't ridden a board under 8 foot in about five or six years. It was like, a 6'9" and it was really neat, and ever since then I started making them and I've had really good feedback.
A couple of my friends, who I've been building boards for for thirty years- in fact, the second one I made, for a real close friend of mine, Sean Beal- he's kind of a shortboard guy and he's kind of finicky too, he's always a hard guy to please and he called me back and said "This is the best board you've ever made me." I started getting that kind of feedback, for the longer fish. So, for the most part, it's been a real positive addition to the whole fish realm."

Skip Frye talking to Andrew Kidman. Full interview is in the 'Ether' book, available by emailing info @ Board is also by Andrew Kidman, with a shot of his Frye shaped Bombers fish for comparison. The green Bowie series  fish has sold, but there's another in the works....

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Neal Purchase Twin plus trailer

Alright, we'll stop with the Purcho's (for a while at least) but seriously, how good does this look? Neal says it's the closest to a HPSB he does, and it looks it. You can order one now too- email info @ and we'll give you pricing details etc. There's a batch of boards nearly ready to ship with room for a few more if need be, so if you're quick.....

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Few More Purchos

The goods coming out of Kirra are just off the hook good, and KMD's glassing is icing on the cake. Email info @ if you're interested in a board, next shipment is being put together and the exchange rate is kind