Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hydro Show 1

Top Down:
Daniel Thomson & Carl Ekstrom talk design. Carl was well impressed by Daniel's newer boards.
Some old Simmons wood.
Carl's models.
The good old days.
Daniel's board that was blowing a few minds.

It was well worth the drive south, if only to hang out and talk surfboards with Daniel Thomoson and RT in fancier surroundings than usual. Incredible looking show, 'museum quality' as they say. From the original Simmons through Ekstrom and Mirandon experiments in the 60s to Lis and Frye and experimental 70s madness to where Burch and Tomo and the like are taking surfboards now, it was an intelligently curated meander down one of surfing's myriad design pathways. Show's up for a couple of months, so if you can get to San Diego in that time, go check it out. The entrance is at 325 15th St, San Diego CA 92101 and it's open Tues-Sat 10-4.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hydrodynamica- Remember The Future

As you've hopefully seen, this weekend is the opening of the Hydro show that's tied into the Getty 'Pacific Standard Time' shows. The theme here is obviously surfboard design, especially that of Bob Simmons, as a continuum of post war Californian design as a whole. RK has assembled a pretty serious array of boards and if you cabn't make the opening, the show is totally worth checking out at some time during it's run. I'll definitely take some pictures, and of course the above shots come from Andrew Kidman's brilliant Ether book.

Loft 9 Gallery
1340 16th St
San Diego CA 92101

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Y Niwl

Personally, I really don't like surf music that much. Or at all really. Ventures etc bore the hell out of me and I can't even be bothered with the Beach Boys, even the vaguely psych ones you're meant to like. There are exceptions of course, Dick Dale, Davie Allan (more biker rock though I suppose), Agent Orange- all have moments of great fun. The modern garage rock boom produced some great surf-ish stuff from weird places like Japan, and now this- North Wales' finest surf combo, Y Niwl. Appaently they are killer live too. Sourced from the mighty Sideburn magazine blog, another of the sites that made me start doing this, so complain to them if you must. In case it isn't obvious, the surf and weather aren't co-operating so I'm wasting free time the internet and a couple of stacks of records.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Boards of 2011, Mick Mackie Edition

Ulladulla's own gets a special post because he delivers some absolutely epic surfcraft and keeps flowing photos that make me want to drain the bank account in order to have an unrivaled quiver. I like them well enough that I not only ride them 2 out of 3 sessions, but I try to help him sell a few. Making your beach experience better is our aim. From the top down:

21st Century Flextail- possibly the boards I covet most, simple as that.

Stinger swallowtail- OK, there's a lot of reasons why stingers were not a lasting surfboard design, but this thing looks like it'd be a screamer on a clean point wave,

Pintail- I have no info, just this picture so in my head this is a 6'6" or so single fin, beaked nose and just the step up you need when it gets over head high.

No dims or info on this one either but another fantastic looking board. I'm hoping there's a tri or quad set up underneath this and it's 6'.

Stub- The traditional single fin hull adherents will hate me for this, but I prefer the modernized version. This one is EPS and with a quad or 2+1 setup, I believe it would be what they term a 'goer'.

Twin Keel Sidecut- A design Mick has worked with and honed for over a decade. Twin or quad, it's a fish taken a step or two beyond what you can usually get from a fish. As much as I enjoy a classic twinnie, these boards have basically replaced traditional fish for me.

Each to their own and freedom for all, but no machine or popout is going to be able to bring you the creative flow that someone like Mackie has going on. It's the likes of him and all the other hand crafting innovators that keep the surfboard fresh, and I for one am incredibly thankful for that.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Serious down the line speed

Awesome, Christmas day comet photos from Tomo. What a great start to the year for those of you lucky enough to see them. In some sort of clumsy aquatic comet type link, check out the Mat Tube Challenge that's been inaugurated over here at the massively stoked Ramsnake's blog. Rubber riders should get on this one- I think I'll try for some shots on the bellyboard and enter, then cry surfcraft racism when I don't win. Or maybe just get the mat out there......

AND AN UPDATE: No mat? No worries! Tomo has a special going here. Get on it, and send me a few good tube photos too.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Mike Muir and Jim Muir pose for a Thrasher promotion we did, circa 1983

One of my early surf photos, shot at what was then probably the biggest surf contest in the North-East at Seaside Heights NJ- I got my first surf shot published from this same day, in Surfer magazines 20th Anniversary issue. Kevin Casey is the rider, circa 1978

Darryl 'Buffy' Robinson (RIP) of The Fat Boys in Venice holding my board circa 1984

Black Flag outside their office/home SST in Redondo Beach CA- their strongest lineup in my opinion. Circa 1984

The Beastie Boys, with Sean Penn and David Lee Roth at Madonna's first ever gold record party. This was in Los Angeles the day before or after they opened for Madonna on the 'Like A Virgin' tour, 1985.

In the beginning there was GEF. Really- my friend Craig and I wound up putting out books because we felt Glen's book need to be available, and now all these years down the line we're all still at it. Glen has just launched his official site, and it's been worth the wait, filled with all sorts of bits and pieces of much interest. It's an incredible look at subcultures that meant a lot to me anyway, and all from the perspective of someone who was not only there but deeply involved and documenting it all wisely. Glen shared the above shots from the site, captions are his and don't forget we have his books available should you need something epic for the book shelf. Contact info @ and we'll set you up.