Saturday, December 31, 2011

Boards That Caught My Eye, 2011

No particular order, no Mackies as I see enough of his boards to do an entirely seperate post (which I undoubtedly will do). Every one of these boards made me want to go and surf, and I am hoping that this coming year brings a little cash flow so I can invest in the culture and buy one of these- I'm jonesing for a new board, it's been a while.

From The Top:
Jeff Beck ModdTwin- wood skin over an EPS core. Slight cheat, I've been riding a loaner one of these a lot, and it's a fantastic board- light, responsive and has a lovely stiff twangy flex to it- epic board for the local crap beachbreaks.

Daniel Thomson Weighted Dart- Felt absolutely lethal under the arm, all kinds of double tail action with the V and channels- Tomo Jnr. is innovation at it's best.

Andrew Kidman's classic thruster interpretation- probably the board I'm most obsessed by- this is the thruster from when they were fun- Simon Anderson influenced template, no bells and whistles but it looks like it would be madly fun to ride.

Original Surf Company Bellyboard- I did get new rides this year, a brace of these things. 4' of ply and it's the most perfect allrounder ever. I break it out for a few belly slides at the end of every session and always exit the water grinning like a Cornish yokel who's been at the cider.

Alan Byrne channel bottom madness- enough said.

Jeff Ho L.A. shape. Again, nothing too flashy but a board that instantly felt right- a bit wider and thicker for us older gents, tri or quad set up and away you go. 6'2" or so tri and I think it'd be a daily driver.

Reverb's round tail quad- I'm a recent convert to the quads and this looks like the business- bit of area in the tail and very clean racy lines. Some South American is really happy with this I bet.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hope you all got some sort of holiday and enjoyed it. Mine was short and involved a lot of driving, but it also involved some countryside that is still spectacular after many visits, a thoroughly enjoyable time in some very cold but playful surf, great seafood and evening in front of an outdoor log fire. No complaints at all.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Pig Of Steel

This may seem monumentally obtuse to the non-Antipodean readers out there (and what the visitor from Espoo, Southern Finland will make of it all is beyond me) but Captain Goodvibes is a total legend, and his greatest moments are now available in a 400 pg book from his creator, Tony Edwards. Superbly offensive, stupid and morally bankrupt, the Captain was a drug addled surfing pig with a fondness for nuclear explosions who, in the words of Mr. Edwards, 'soured thousands of young lives, stealing the promise of a bright future from their tiny hands.' Certainly as a tender youth the Goodvibes strips I came across were a revelation, and they remain brilliant today- I believe I will get this for myself as a Christmas present. Thanks to Kidman for the heads up and the Peter Troy book looks great as well.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Field Trip.

Spent a chunk of the afternoon with Carl Ekstrom being completely entertained. He's doing such an array of projects it's a bit overwhelming just checking them out- definitely a design polymath at work here. Best thing is his setup is completely organized, functional and quite elegant. I walked into his living room and it was exactly as pictured- handmade fireplace with model display, ergonomic (and extremely comfortable) chair, couple of gloss and polish asyms on the floor as he's giving their tails some thought. If you're in Hawaii you're stoked too, downstairs there were 2 nearly finished boards ready to head to the Surf Garage in Honolulu. An afternoon well spent.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fins & Jay Boy

I am apparently losing my memory in my old age. Here's two things I forgot- when I put up the pictures of the new Mackie a few posts back, I neglected to put shots of the fin, which is a hand foiled flex fin. It's $850, but it comes with a 6'3" S deck stub to attach it to.

I also forgot to put this in the books for christmas array. 'Jay Boy', photos from Jay Adams' childhood taken by his step dad Kent Sherwood. It's an awesome look at the pre Dogtown Venice surf/skate culture. $25, shipping included. Email info @ and gift needs can be solved

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Reading

A few more gift selections from our output.
Patrick Trefz 'Thread' photobook $30 (Signed copies available)
Andrew Kidman & Andy Davis 'Way Of The Bird' $25
Glen E. Friedman & C.R. Stecyk III 'Dogtown' $35 (Signed copies available)
Glen E. Friedman 'KYEO' Fugazi photobook $30
and of course, the mighty 'Ether' by Kidman. Signed & Numbered, limited to 1050 copies
Shipping inside the US is included in the price, foreign friends add $5 per book, a bit more for Ether -email for details.
info @
There's more info in the Foam and Function site 'Books' page too.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


All photos by RT via his blog.

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know I'm sure, but the above clip which comes via RT is utterly fantastic. He has an aesthetic going on that is very much his own, and it's all over his Warbles blog as well as his film work. To be honest, Warbles was one of the things that got me up and doing this blog although whether that's good or not I leave up to you. Either way, RT is a lovely bloke and I'm thankful he does what he does. Enjoy.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Christmas Viewing

Although we don't have a cute marketable name like 'cyber monday', it's time to throw our offerings into the Xmas present arena. Should you be looking for a little something for like minded friends, here's the current array of film available (posed haphazardly on a couple of very nice hooded sweatshirts, only $35 each, Simmons design available in grey, black and brown). The rundown is: 'Last Hope' collection, Kidman's 'Glass Love', 'Thread' and 'Idiosyncrasies' by Patrick Trefz, John Abegg's "___" and 'Believe' and 'Little Black Wheels' from Mick Waters (both these titles are numbered). Cost is very simple, a mere $25 per title, shipping included. The only exception is the fancy limited version of "___" which is $30 for the zine/DVD and $50 for the book/DVD. To order, simply email us at and we'll set you up with some cinematic brilliance. Here's a nice little taste of it all, Axxe Wetsuits promo shot by the hard working Mr. Waters and featuring the usual suspects amongst others.

And should you be interested in Andrew Kidman's fast disappearing 'Lost In The Ether' film, go here.
Should you be interested in some incredible woodcraft and/or photography, you can't go past Joe Curren who even has a christmas offer going.

As always, these are all independent artists, filmmakers and craftsmen promoted here, and your support is what keeps them working and providing this quality entertainment for us all. Thanks.

Friday, December 02, 2011


Ulladulla is a place that has drawn some entertaining and creative types out of the woodwork, and Dean Dampney would definitely be one of them. He's a very talented photographer, and he surfs. (Of course, you'd be mad not to with the sort of waves those guys get) Most recently it seems he's been surfing an alaia which certainly earns my respect. The above shot is one of Dean's, and it's the tail of a finless creation from Mark Rabbidge that Dean was lucky enough to session. Dean's website Submerge has just been rejiggered and it's looking great, a selection of photos with little essays accompanying them, just the stuff that makes the internet fun.

And if you're lucky enough to be in Santa Cruz or thereabouts, go to this. It'll be good, Trefz is involved along with an array of local talent and you'll be supporting the efforts of independent creative types while having a blast.