Saturday, August 27, 2011

Normal Transmission Is Resumed

Boards and waves time. This week there weren't really waves to speak of (again) but a jaunt to Ninelights Surfboards headquarters was made. A project was dropped off (more soon) and the amazing compsand modtwin was walked off with. Waves are coming supposedly, but I didn't mention that to Jeff as I strolled out with his handiwork.

From Mackie, a nice little peak and a shiny stunner of a classic sidecut fish.

Tomo, getting utterly mat barreled. If you'd like one of his mats, let us know- $195, shipping included to wherever you are. email info @ and we'll sort it out.

From another matter- somewhere on the hurricane coast last year. Hope you're all hanging in there OK Jamie

And there you go, boards, waves and some bonus mats. We try to deliver on promises.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Image Free

It's been a long day and it involved a complete lack of swell, very large Nigerians, outrageously beautiful Hyderabadi's, Lebanese Arak and 3 Weber grills amongst other things. I promise there will be a post of awesome waves and jaw dropping boards within 48 hours, but for now I bring you simple genius. Go here to vote for Mick Waters' segment featuring Dave Rastovich in the Innersection thing. Mainstream surf movies need more of this. Go here for Jamie Brisick, New Orleans and the One Minute Disco- this is truly fabulous stuff. Thank you for looking, you people are great.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

wood & foam

The boards we like are definitely all from the more unusual end of surfcraft, but not all of them are hi-tech or high end. Case in point, Kevin at December Snowskates has been building what look like some very fun rides. His initial experiments involved spray foam and a couple of sheets of ply and rode well apparently. He's stepped up the game to real foam and ply and we await test reports. Homemade ingenuity at it's best here.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm going north for a couple of days, no surf but some surf related business might get done along with a bit of relaxing. In the meantime, here's Ozzy Wright being one of the most watchable surfers around today.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Meanwhile, on the shores of good old Blighty, they have waves and are tearing it up on some truly old school sleds even as the Squire is knocking out some 21st century versions. World Bellyboard Champs are coming up- how much fun would a surf contest that features a cake bake-off be? This is all absolutely non corporate and quite fantastic surf frolics, and we hope to have offer a few gems from Revolver available here in the USA very soon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


A few summer treats for those that may want them. Of course the mighty Ether book, and posed seductively on the December Snowskates board ($239) you have from left to right: Point Never zine ($5), 'Thread' book ($30 signed by Trefz), 'Jay Boy' book ($20) and the Johnny Abegg "___" dvd ($30 as zine, $50 as spiralbound book). All perfect ways to while away a bit of the summer (or winter for our Southern Hemisphere compatriots). Shipping is included in the price, email info @ foamandfunction to order or ask questions.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Rastovich & Waters

Lovely- our friend Mick Waters (who made 'Believe' and 'Little Black Wheels', two films you should own) has done a clip for the Taylor Steele 'Innersections' thing. Rasta riding all manner of stuff with outrageous style. You can check it out by following this link- and please feel free to sign up and vote for it- as with Trefz's clip it's fantastic to see something 'alternative' make it into a mainstream film deal. I'd also like to point out that apparently the reason we have no waves is because the Australians have been taking them all- at least take some of our onshores as well you jaffle eating bastards.

Monday, August 01, 2011

surf rides

Admittedly for most of us the ride to the beach is probably along the lines of a 10 year old Corolla with a missing hubcap, or at best something in the 'modern, reliable and a bit mundane but keeps the significant other happy' range (or a dented black truck if you're me). Still, it can't hurt to dream. The bottom one would be the sort of thing you could do a trip in down the coast of Peru, or Morocco, or some Scandinavian spot, and do it in style. The Bucky Fullermobile might want a bit more forgiving roads, but would look mighty good cruising the Basque country for instance, especially given how many bottles of Patxaran you could stash in the back.