Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sacred Craft II- Ekstrom,Trefz, Simmonsesque and a bit of Curren

The Rogues Gallery. Portraits of Lucas, Burch and John Elwell by Ryan Field. His portraits of the Hydro players and boards are beyond jawdropping.

Carl Ekstrom's model. You think this is epic, wait until you see the fins he's doing.

The asym is a gloss & polish stunner that was auctioned at the UCSD Cancer research charity luau, and the red board is a Pat Curren gun Carl was brokering a sale on. That is a lot of serious history in one crappy photo.

The night included a screening (on a full size screen) of Patrick Trefz's 'Idiosyncrasies' film. It's really good and there will be more on it later. RT also showed his new trailer. We will definitely be bringing some of this wonderful culture out on the road soon.

More history.

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