Saturday, January 21, 2012

Y Niwl

Personally, I really don't like surf music that much. Or at all really. Ventures etc bore the hell out of me and I can't even be bothered with the Beach Boys, even the vaguely psych ones you're meant to like. There are exceptions of course, Dick Dale, Davie Allan (more biker rock though I suppose), Agent Orange- all have moments of great fun. The modern garage rock boom produced some great surf-ish stuff from weird places like Japan, and now this- North Wales' finest surf combo, Y Niwl. Appaently they are killer live too. Sourced from the mighty Sideburn magazine blog, another of the sites that made me start doing this, so complain to them if you must. In case it isn't obvious, the surf and weather aren't co-operating so I'm wasting free time the internet and a couple of stacks of records.


Anonymous said...

space cossacks
blue hawaiians
modern surf music
is any but boring...

Kirk said...

Space Cossacks? I'm going to track that one down and overall I agree, newer stuff is a lot more interesting.

Anonymous said...

I think the music was a bit repetitive but the visuals were interesting