Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hydrodynamica- Remember The Future

As you've hopefully seen, this weekend is the opening of the Hydro show that's tied into the Getty 'Pacific Standard Time' shows. The theme here is obviously surfboard design, especially that of Bob Simmons, as a continuum of post war Californian design as a whole. RK has assembled a pretty serious array of boards and if you cabn't make the opening, the show is totally worth checking out at some time during it's run. I'll definitely take some pictures, and of course the above shots come from Andrew Kidman's brilliant Ether book.

Loft 9 Gallery
1340 16th St
San Diego CA 92101


reverb said...

...hello captain,
thanks to put one of my boards in your 2011 list.

-very good those flex rocket fishes in the other post.

-regarding music, Im a musician too, different styles and instruments, etc
in late 90s I played in a surf trash band.
Inside surf related music, there are very good music.
Some bands have a more repetitive simple stuff like the previous you posted and some have more personality and creativity.
May be Im too biased cause I m in search of personal voice and not sound or play same licks like most.

These albums are truly great and in different styles but still instro surf:
-Man or astroman? Project infinity
-Man or astroman? made from technetium

-Huntington cads -go exotic

-Tiki tones idol pleasures

-Laika and the cosmonauts the amasing colossal band

-Now Im in a project that combines the early XX avant garde, the post modernism, the electricity, the noise, and design and architecture.
with lyrics related to what s going wrong with our societies but in a more abstract way.

reverb said... the way, I ll try to get motivated and update the blog

Kirk said...

thanks for making such a great looking board! Yeah, I always liked Man or Astroman? (great live too) but generally the more garagey stuff does it for me- love stuff like the Mummies and all the Japanese crews- King Bros, Guitar Wolf, Mad 3- classic stuff. Good luck with the blog, these things become a pain in the arse don't they?