Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hydro Show 1

Top Down:
Daniel Thomson & Carl Ekstrom talk design. Carl was well impressed by Daniel's newer boards.
Some old Simmons wood.
Carl's models.
The good old days.
Daniel's board that was blowing a few minds.

It was well worth the drive south, if only to hang out and talk surfboards with Daniel Thomoson and RT in fancier surroundings than usual. Incredible looking show, 'museum quality' as they say. From the original Simmons through Ekstrom and Mirandon experiments in the 60s to Lis and Frye and experimental 70s madness to where Burch and Tomo and the like are taking surfboards now, it was an intelligently curated meander down one of surfing's myriad design pathways. Show's up for a couple of months, so if you can get to San Diego in that time, go check it out. The entrance is at 325 15th St, San Diego CA 92101 and it's open Tues-Sat 10-4.

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