Saturday, October 15, 2011

Winterstik & Belly

Best Day At The Beach in a long while came courtesy of the two above craft. After a bit of frustration on a 'regular' board in waist to belly high waves of no distinction I broke out the Winterstik influenced Mackie, recently finned up with some lovely keels courtesy of the well talented Jeff Beck. No expectations, I doubted the thing would float me let alone ride OK, but wanted to be the first to get it wet. Wrong- it paddled well, got into waves with amazing ease and rode fast and buttery smooth. On the small faces I got, it felt rompingly fun. Stoked, it's my new favourite board after a couple of surfs, and I can't wait to try it in a decent wave. As the tide dropped and my arms gave out, I shifted to the very fine Zebrano Wood Bellyboard that came courtesy of The Original Surfboard Company of the UK. ONe wave in and this thing is such a keeper, somewhere between a mini paipo and a bodysurf, the ride is fast and fun and I got pitted on a barely waist high wave. The board now lives in my truck and will be seeing some serious water time. More belly photos and info soon, it deserves a post of it's own. Definitely one of those days when you realise how fun playing in the water is.


decembersnowskates said...

..that mackie is unreal looking !

Anonymous said...

hey man,

i'm stateside! let's organize a link up sometime soon


Kirk said...

Gents, a big 'damn right' to both comments. And the board is a screamer.