Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sacred Craft Pt 1 and a dead hard drive

Tomo tail. I covet this board deeply.

Asymmetry 1- Ekstrom. Enough said.

Asymmetry 2- RK's daily driver by Burch

Asymmetry 3- Daniel's board from the shape off. He did win 'Best In Show' quite deservedly, and this thing, based on Polynesian canoe design was utterly incredible.

9'6" Twin Keel gun by Christian Beamish- AMAZING!

Yeah, thanks Macintosh for another fine product. Posts may be sporadic while they fix the machine again and I scrounge time on other folk's computers. Sacred Craft was great, thanks to those who came by and said Hey, extra thanks to the brilliant guys at Foam E-Z who brought a shipping box down for me. Customer service of the very best kind.


reverb said...

...hello man,
hope you still have pictures of the show

and opinions too

pranaglider said...

nice to meet you at the expo