Saturday, October 22, 2011


Who knew that roughly 4' x 1' of very beautifully bookmatched Zebrano wood ply would be mad surf fun? In a early 20th century style no less? A couple of posts back I raved about the new daily driver quiver, and here's half of it explained. The lovely Mr. John Isaacs Esq. of Cornwall set this up and I'm deeply thankful to him. A couple of emails to Sally of the Original Surfboard Company and much to my surprise a box of board arrived. Built by a UK boatbuilder and a continuation of a fine English tradition, the board is a total screamer in the water. It took a couple of waves to dial in some technique and then it was away- waist high closeouts become madly exciting and a waist high peeler is a total playground. The ladies do love it too, as John's photos above show and from the utter joy on the faces of the faces of the two cute young things who borrowed it for a few waves last weekend, the boards a winner. Many thanks to those responsible, and expect a few more prone posts as this thing gets a West Coast tour.

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