Monday, October 03, 2011

Little Black Wheels is here!

Well done the Post Office, a parcel of cinematic goodness arrived from Australia quickly and intact. Now in stock, DVD copies of Mick Waters' 'Little Black Wheels'. It's a lovely film, a paen to road trips and sun and family and good surf. Mick put the pregnant missus, the toddler and the dog in a camper and went wandering the Australian coast for some months. Naturally he ran into all sorts of fine surfers- Dain Thomas, Mick Hughes, Danny Wills, Rasta and of course Johnny Abegg amongst many others- and documented it all. There are beards and alternative surfcraft, but the film is the better for them. It's limited to 1000 copies and so is signed and numbered, and comes in a nice digipack for $25, shipping inclued. Mick being the generous and cheerful guy he is has also sent CD copies of the Orange Bird EP so you get a free one with every DVD. There's also a few 'Believe' T-shirts, all in this nice sky blue, which are also $25 shipping included, or $20 if you buy one with the DVD. Awesome. To order or ask questions, just email inf0 @


Anonymous said...

Any Believe tees in size medium?

Kirk said...

Anon, I do indeed have a medium. email and we'll set you up!