Monday, October 17, 2011

Important News From The House Of Gonad

When you get an email with a subject line like that post title, you know it's going to be good and indeed it was. Man of the people, Mark Sutherland, has made access to the mighty Gonad Man strips absolutely free! Yes, at his site the complete adventures of the testicular hero, both old and new, are now available for your perusal. Laugh, wonder and be vaguely offended as Gonad Man takes on the sacred cows of surf culture with all sorts of nudity, foul language and giant dolphin turds. You can then shop some fine 'nad merchandise like the above T-shirt design and bring the wonder to your family, friends and workmates. Onya Sutho, you're a beaut.

1 comment:

harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

this is the best news i have heard all day. proof that there is a god and he wants us to be happy.
"put it away duke"