Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Some surfers live for landing that air reverse, some for the many second nose ride, me however, I love that feeling of laying into a turn and this my friends, is one hell of a turn Mark Thomson is laying into. The man himself will be here for Sacred Craft with a suitcase full of mats (he even leaves his shoes behind so he can bring more) and the most infectious and unmitigated stoke ever. If you want a mat and can't make it to Del Mar this coming weekend, send an email and we'll put Tomo in touch with you. Then you can go out and try this sort of stuff.
This is part one of the Sacred Craft finless fun too, more soon.


Josh Aggars said...

Plus Surfsisters speaking! Wish I was going to be there. Have a great time.

Davo said...

He's no Greenough!

Emily said...

Hello Kirk,

I am interested in purchasing a mat. How can I get in contact with you?


Robin Thomson said...

As a mat rider has surpassed greenough I think it is safe to say!