Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things we need

The complete Gonad Man book, via Sutho

Boxed notecard set from Joe Curren
I know, it's waaaay too late for christmas shopping and all that, but any deserving surf aficionado in your life (yourself included) would undoubtedly appreciate these items anytime. Sutho has compiled the legendary original Gonad Man art into an opulent book, while on a slightly classier note Joe Curren has made a beautiful notecard set. Hand made box (from Port Orford cedar offcuts no less) with a set of cards using 4 of his images. Very nice indeed. It's still raining here in SoCal. I've forgotten how to surf I think, or at least am very close to it.

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rash guard said...

That's a great book with all those amazing capture of beach scenery.