Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Further Asymmetry

Up in Northern California Jamie Murray has tried his hand at an asymmetrical surfboard and it looks quite lovely. Jamie, if you read this, a ride report from yourself or whomever picked this up would be appreciated. The boards do feel different to a 'standard' surfboard, but as far as I'm concerned, it's a good difference. On the backhand especially, the boards feel magic and after a few rides you find a flow to your surfing you didn't know was there. Not a board for everyone admittedly, but for those with the interest in a diverse quiver, highly recommended.

Thanks Jamie, my take exactly- loose and fast on the fore, grippy and smooth on the back, and bags of fun on the right wave. Here's a another respectful nod to Carl Ekstrom's genius. This one via RT's fine Warbles blog and shaped by Ryan Burch.


HeadHighGlassy said...

Heya Kirk, thanks for the shout--even if it's for an obscure Seppo happily toiling in the land of the cold giants. Anyway, the board pictured is a personal, and it's crazy fun to ride. Very loose on the toeside, and very positive on the heelside. Drive and traction. Makes shitty days fun. Tweaked the fin positions a bit for subsequent boards to good feedback. You're absolutely right that it takes a few waves to dial in, but once you do it's off to the races!

rash guard said...

It looks awesome as it is with the unique asymmetrical design well plotted.