Friday, December 17, 2010

Lost In The Ether

Andrew Kidman's new project is about to start shipping any minute now, and as usual, it's a beautiful, personal slice of the culture. The film 'Lost In The Ether' is packaged in a 100 page book featuring photography and interviews from the making of the film and is limited to 1000 copies. It features surfing and meditations on the design of surfboards from Mick Mackie, Wayne Lynch, Dave Parmenter, Garth Dickinson, MP, Sage Joske and more. It's only available here and you also get a $50 discount voucher for the 'Ether' book, again limited to 1000 copies, making it one of the more affordable pieces of art out there really. Hopefully we'll have some screenings of Andrew's film set up for early next year.


injunjoe said...

i believe!

Anonymous said...

id like to order ether and an elkstom