Wednesday, December 01, 2010

J. Abegg Esq.

So we've been telling you about young John Abegg for a bit now, and here's a look at his newest project, 'Two Weeks'. John is definitely a talented and driven young man, this being his 4th film and a fine one at that. He doesn't make the standard surf film, there's already plenty of footage of perfect waves being ridden by 'humble' experts, and it's the personal and unvarnished take on things that guys like Johnny do so well. His first offering was 'On Credit', a film about trying to be pro surfer and how it took 8 credit cards to do it. Not your standard surf flick by any means, and of course he and Matty Yeates were responsible for the mighty "___" (made after 'Bay Of The Dead' a fine surfing zombie flick of course). It's the guys like John that keep all this surfing nonsense truly exciting and creative. And all this gives me an excuse to post this clip again:

Pure, entertaining madness. You can buy "___" direct from us too- email info at and we'll set you up.

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