Sunday, December 05, 2010

New Asymmetricals

The mad precision of Carl's models never fails to amaze me. Nice check on the Parmenter article in the latest Surfer's Journal too.

I'd be the first to admit there's no money in this surfboard lark, at least not when you dabble in helping out a few somewhat eclectic shapers. There is however great joy at times. Today it involved Cedrik from France and some utterly stunning work by Mr. Carl Ekstrom. Two goofy-centric asyms, shaped and glassed by Carl and sporting his new fin designs. Beautiful fade in the spray, eye popping gloss & polish and general awe all around. Cedrik and his friend Frank were very nice guys and these boards will get ridden (as a surfboard should) in some serious waves soon enough. It honestly is a privilege to be around guys like Carl, he's not only an incredible craftsman but he's always got some great new design concept on the boil and he's as stoked on this stuff as any kid you can name. A genuine inspiration, and he's up for shaping a few more boards if anyone is interested.....

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