Thursday, December 09, 2010

Go out, see art, have a good time

And if you're in San Francisco or New York, here's where you can do it. Tomorrow night- RK shows up in with another van load of ephemera, eclectic wonder and historical gold, all of which you can buy. Meanwhile, in NYC on Tuesday, Glen E. Friedman steps out for a good cause. He's doing a little signing/talk arrangement at Revolution Books. He'll sign a book for you (there's a nice gift for your favourite skate/music aficionado) and no doubt tell some good stories. I have to say that I still have moments where I find it hard to believe that somehow I wound up working with C.R Stecyk and Glen- these guys were the cultural shamans of so much stuff that mattered, and still does. Check it out, it'll be good. I think I still have some Dogtown books signed by Glen and CR3 for anyone who's not in New York and wants a piece of the fun too.

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