Saturday, December 31, 2011

Boards That Caught My Eye, 2011

No particular order, no Mackies as I see enough of his boards to do an entirely seperate post (which I undoubtedly will do). Every one of these boards made me want to go and surf, and I am hoping that this coming year brings a little cash flow so I can invest in the culture and buy one of these- I'm jonesing for a new board, it's been a while.

From The Top:
Jeff Beck ModdTwin- wood skin over an EPS core. Slight cheat, I've been riding a loaner one of these a lot, and it's a fantastic board- light, responsive and has a lovely stiff twangy flex to it- epic board for the local crap beachbreaks.

Daniel Thomson Weighted Dart- Felt absolutely lethal under the arm, all kinds of double tail action with the V and channels- Tomo Jnr. is innovation at it's best.

Andrew Kidman's classic thruster interpretation- probably the board I'm most obsessed by- this is the thruster from when they were fun- Simon Anderson influenced template, no bells and whistles but it looks like it would be madly fun to ride.

Original Surf Company Bellyboard- I did get new rides this year, a brace of these things. 4' of ply and it's the most perfect allrounder ever. I break it out for a few belly slides at the end of every session and always exit the water grinning like a Cornish yokel who's been at the cider.

Alan Byrne channel bottom madness- enough said.

Jeff Ho L.A. shape. Again, nothing too flashy but a board that instantly felt right- a bit wider and thicker for us older gents, tri or quad set up and away you go. 6'2" or so tri and I think it'd be a daily driver.

Reverb's round tail quad- I'm a recent convert to the quads and this looks like the business- bit of area in the tail and very clean racy lines. Some South American is really happy with this I bet.


nursemyra said...

I love a stiff twangy flex

Kirk said...

Thanks Nurse, I'm glad someone noticed the occasional lapses into Benny Hill-esque innuendo that's so easy with surfing. Hard to take it too seriously when you spend so much time dressed in rubber and often hanging out with other men dressed in rubber.