Sunday, December 04, 2011

Christmas Viewing

Although we don't have a cute marketable name like 'cyber monday', it's time to throw our offerings into the Xmas present arena. Should you be looking for a little something for like minded friends, here's the current array of film available (posed haphazardly on a couple of very nice hooded sweatshirts, only $35 each, Simmons design available in grey, black and brown). The rundown is: 'Last Hope' collection, Kidman's 'Glass Love', 'Thread' and 'Idiosyncrasies' by Patrick Trefz, John Abegg's "___" and 'Believe' and 'Little Black Wheels' from Mick Waters (both these titles are numbered). Cost is very simple, a mere $25 per title, shipping included. The only exception is the fancy limited version of "___" which is $30 for the zine/DVD and $50 for the book/DVD. To order, simply email us at and we'll set you up with some cinematic brilliance. Here's a nice little taste of it all, Axxe Wetsuits promo shot by the hard working Mr. Waters and featuring the usual suspects amongst others.

And should you be interested in Andrew Kidman's fast disappearing 'Lost In The Ether' film, go here.
Should you be interested in some incredible woodcraft and/or photography, you can't go past Joe Curren who even has a christmas offer going.

As always, these are all independent artists, filmmakers and craftsmen promoted here, and your support is what keeps them working and providing this quality entertainment for us all. Thanks.

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