Thursday, December 15, 2011

Field Trip.

Spent a chunk of the afternoon with Carl Ekstrom being completely entertained. He's doing such an array of projects it's a bit overwhelming just checking them out- definitely a design polymath at work here. Best thing is his setup is completely organized, functional and quite elegant. I walked into his living room and it was exactly as pictured- handmade fireplace with model display, ergonomic (and extremely comfortable) chair, couple of gloss and polish asyms on the floor as he's giving their tails some thought. If you're in Hawaii you're stoked too, downstairs there were 2 nearly finished boards ready to head to the Surf Garage in Honolulu. An afternoon well spent.


Jono said...

that Takayama template is freakin' me out.

Kirk said...

Jono- I had the same reaction. Apparently they feel really loose- I'd be willing to give 'em a try!

awasht said...

Amazing board designs. The guys obviously has style