Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Pig Of Steel

This may seem monumentally obtuse to the non-Antipodean readers out there (and what the visitor from Espoo, Southern Finland will make of it all is beyond me) but Captain Goodvibes is a total legend, and his greatest moments are now available in a 400 pg book from his creator, Tony Edwards. Superbly offensive, stupid and morally bankrupt, the Captain was a drug addled surfing pig with a fondness for nuclear explosions who, in the words of Mr. Edwards, 'soured thousands of young lives, stealing the promise of a bright future from their tiny hands.' Certainly as a tender youth the Goodvibes strips I came across were a revelation, and they remain brilliant today- I believe I will get this for myself as a Christmas present. Thanks to Kidman for the heads up and the Peter Troy book looks great as well.

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"What a pity I'm feeling so agro"