Friday, March 25, 2011


I really wasn't kidding about having a swag of great board pictures, and not all of them are for the ocean. This is one that came courtesy of our good friend Kevin Brennan at December Snowskates, part of the whole family of lunatics making sliding devices basically. It's a bindingless powderboard, 48" long with a total skateboard feel to it- nose and tail kick and a deck concave. The grip is EVA (same as the Mackie flextails) and it feels very nice under the foot, at least in my front room. The bottom is waxable P-Tex and has a couple of serious channels which you can almost see in the bottom pic. Yeah, I'm a sucker for any sort of cool board and this stuff would make me want to go where there's snow. This board is for sale- $239, and we will definitely be making a few more of Kevin's design's available in the near future. I'm stoked, we are now officially surf/skate/snow!


@media said...

I stop by his shop periodically, the boards are coming out good.

Anonymous said...

I tried some of kevs prototypes, all fun great control! I want my own!

Aaron said...

I am demo-ing one of the december powdersurfers right now. It's amazing how easy it is to turn when your riding untracked snow. Pretty soon I hope to step to some pretty 'big' lines, although what I love most about powdersurfing is that is makes little tiny hills fun again!