Monday, March 21, 2011

Harmless Neighbourhood Eccentrics

Santa Cruz. It's a really great town. I like the people, especially Steiny and Trefz. I like the surf, and I liked the surfboard show. Lots of nice people came by and looked at boards, and we had some really good ones. The last two in this post are a pair of 5'2" Twinzers from Larmo, and they are looking for a good home after their appearance in Sacred Craft. Info @ foamandfunction if you're interested in one. More once I'm a bit rested.


harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

super fun to hang out kirk. more soon!

dogleg said...

kirk, mail me.
we can hook tomorrow am in yer hood?

Kirk said...

Steiny, watch yourself- I'm going to back soon I hope. That Black Hart was in fact wonderful and I'll be purchasing some more definitely.